Dreaming of "Supercars" - Sports car design challenge

The year is 1975. Japanese kids are crazy about “supercars”, and companies are releasing “supercar” merchandise such as models, drink caps, and even records of exhaust sounds.
Comics are also one of the materials children read to know more about them, and we have Shin’ichi Shiomi, a comic artist planning to capitalize on the boom and draw another comic with “supercars”. With his plan greenlit, he plans to buy a supercar for himself not only to experience how it drives but also to get real knowledge from other owners.

There’s a catch, though: In mid-late 70’s Japan, the word “supercar” covered anything from the Lancia Stratos to the Lamborghini Countach. In another way, “supercar” meant “(mostly) European sports cars”.


  • The trim or the engine variant should be no newer than 1975, for organization purposes.
  • All entries are scored only by design, mostly by my eyes, scored relatively to other cars. Tie-breaking if it happens, will be done with a popular vote on this thread.
  • However, in case you have how your car should be in your mind (eg: lightweight, agile car? or high-powered car? or something else?), please try to at least loosely reflect that with engineering decisions (no fine-tuning needed). This will not affect judging, but not doing so may lead to your car being mislabeled.
  • All entrants are not required or encouraged to enter with a European brand. You can use your Japanese or American brands (or others) if you wanted, and it will not affect the judgment. Additionally, lore is not required or encouraged either.
  • Any entrants should send their entry to Urbanliner, the host, on this forum. If they cannot, they should contact Urbanliner to coordinate an alternate way to send entry.
  • One entry per person.
  • Additionally, entrants are recommended to put a picture of your car (or some more), in order to clarify you entered. It may be used by Urbanliner on the results post(s). If none provided, a picture taken by Urbanliner shall be used in place. I, Urbanliner, will use mostly the same settings for cars without pictures.

Naming rules

  • car Model: DSC - (your username)
  • car Trim: Name of your car
  • engine Family: DSC - (your username)
  • engine Variant: Name of your engine

So, if I were to enter with a car called “Alpha Bravo”, with an engine called “Charlie”, my model and family are DSC - Urbanliner, my trim is “Alpha Bravo”, and my variant is “Charlie”.

Submissions are CLOSED as of 2019/10/30 22:00 (YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM)

Please notify me of any mistakes, unclear phrasing, and such I made.

This is my first time hosting a challenge, and although I will do my best, I could end up messing things up. I will make sure to post results, though.


Submissions will open at 22:00 at Oct.22 (JST), provided there are no objections or such.
EDIT: Delayed for personal reaaons

The engineering aspect is irrelevant, so fuel type, catalytic converters (mandatory in 1975 for the US market), engine type and placement, etc. will not affect judging. Looks are the only thing that matter - after all, if it looks right, then more often than not, it is right.

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One thing im going to question, whats that actually meant to say? Other than that this looks great!

I tried to say that I will use mostly same settings to take pictures for cars with no picture provided. It has been reworded to say so more clearly.

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I couldn’t find a way to give various supercars and sports cars an even playing field other than doing a design challenge. However, a clause to recommend entrants to think how the mechanical parts should seem like, has been included.

Sorry for multi-posting, however, submissions are now open!
Countdown here: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191030T22&p0=248&msg=Dreaming+Of+Supercars&font=sanserif

Does the one I sent the other night count or do I need to re-send?

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Here’s my ad, entry, thing.

Zephorus REM


You can make a change to it if you wanted, but I’ll accept it regardless (provided there are no objections). However, I am looking to better disallow submitting entries before I accept them the next time I host a competititon.

The OROSHI PZ01 is a lightweight sports car designed to tackle the twisties of Japanese mountain roads.


The Lynx Mythos

Some close ups of details

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Some wedgy Fromage.

I only need to rename and export it - should be easy this weekend.
I know it hasn’t the detail quality of others here, I am taking part just for fun here and to add some variety among the entrants.

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Only slightly less than 2 days left. @CMT, good car, but I can’t review it unless you send it in time.

In late 1973, Rigore released the second generation of the popular Mjölnir. By the time the car released in 1974, it had to undergo several changes to maintain Rigore’s brand image, including an engine that was down about 25% in power compared to the first generation Mjölnir. It’s smaller frame and stature, however, helped to compensate for the lower power output.

Leona Equinox S

225hp - 987.9kg - 5 Gear manual - Mid Engined RWD - 3.0L Boxer 6

Orange Flare - Limelight - Ultra Violet


◯kyu (Marukyu) 21000 「M-EX」

195hp 3.0 V6, MR
Super sports dynamic handling


The 1975 Bjork GT 350E from premium Swedish maker Bjork… and definitely not a Datsun
Featuring a 200HP, 3.5L DOHC Inline 6, Mounted FR

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Lucara-Ciambella m65/74


The Karmann Type XI Japan Special Edition. It’s the road going version of Karmann’s own Type XI Le Mans racer.