As a petrolhead, I find that how a car is made is only about 50% of the fun of a game like this and in your latest announcement update thing, you said that you are going to use Unreal as well as the standard game engine. My dad works for a company developing a game in unreal and found that one of the example games it comes with is a racing game sort of like Wreckfest so the support for accurate to real life handling physics is already in the game, we just need to get that support in and the game would feel way more complet, especially if we were to be able to drive in the interior with graphical presets for all of the interiors and their representive quality because cars are not just a pretty (or ugly or aggressive) face, they have interiors too so it would be an absolute pleasure if you could include that, it would make the game as I said 2x as fun.

So the question here is: Will there be any support for driving/test driving in the future?


please use FAQ, it’s called “Frequently Asked Queastions” for a reason


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Short answer, no.

Long answer… also no.


You all obviously didn’t check the date when the FAQ was written, it is out of date as of now and unreal has support as standard.

[quote=“Daffyflyer”][size=200]Frequently Asked Questions[/size]

Thought I might post a few answers to some of the common questions we get asked.

[size=150]1. Will you be able to drive your cars?[/size]

This is probably the most common question we get asked!

As a 3-man team this is already quite an ambitious and complex project as is, and we’re dedicated to making it high quality, realistic and fun.

To do a realistic driving simulator would take a lot of money and many years of work on our part.

We may consider providing tools to export cars to another Race Sim though, but that isn’t a key feature of the game and may not make the final cut.[/quote]

That seems pretty straight foward, and not out of date. This is a car company tycoon game, not a driving simulation. The fact that the unreal engine can support it does nothing if the code isn’t written to let it and the programmers have far more important things to do, like continue to work on the game they set out to make.

3 options

  1. wait 2-4 years
  2. do it yourself
  3. give money to devs to increase chance it ever happens