ECC (Engineering Creation Challenge) - The Thread

We have CSR, CSC, any kinds of racing championships, and anything else to challenge. But there’s one thing. There’s no dedicated challenge for making engines in the forums. I can admit that the engine designer isn’t great right now, but with that said, I’m still want to make this challenge.

Meet Engineering Creation Challenge, aka. ECC.

So what’s ECC you may ask? It’s a challenge for making engines on the game Automation. Everyone who joins the challenge will need to make use of their engine making skills, to create the best engine for the job (e.g. there’s no way to put a 6.5 Lambo V12 in a economy hatchback without being a mess lol)


  1. Everyone with a genuine copy of the game can join the challenge.

  2. Each round is hosted by the host (hostess) and they must need to make the rules for the challenge.

  3. Every contestant must post these screens for their engine entries:

Power/Torque curves
Engine details
Things that the host of this challenge wants

All entries will be graded by these values:

Engine family & variant
Crank, Rods and Pistons
Head & Top End
Aspiration (if turbocharged)
Fuel & Exhaust system
Engineering Time and Production Units
Price, product quality, reliability, emissions, etc.

Also depending on challenge, you may also be asked to make a chassis, drivetrain, transmission and suspension for the car. There will be some limits for that too, and you may need to make the car’s internals as well.

Winners may be chosen by leading and exceeding in one of the major targets or more.

  1. Like CSR and CSC, the winner will have a choice to continue the challenge by starting the next one. If the winner decided not to or not responding within 48 hours/2 days, then the second place will take over the role of hosting the next challenge and so on. Please continue this thread if you decided to host the next event.
  2. Every challenge will have 3 days of rule changes, and a 8 day entry duration. Winners will be announced after the day or two after the ending of the competition.

What are you waiting for? Start your engines!

UPDATE: ECC1 is up!

(Details coming soon, stay tuned.)

ECC1: @F12OM >

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i dunno about you, but it’s been the best it’s even been except for the forced induction system.

anyway. this feels a bit too vague. ‘best engine for the job’? maybe give an example?
shoot out an idea for the first round that you yourself should host?

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1st: Yeah, I can admit the current system is better than before, but not all of it is done yet. Especially the forced induction system.

2nd: Thanks for the feedback, I have done the description a bit rushed just because I’m on a hurry and I typed that on a phone. Don’t worry, I may change the descriptions soon.

3rd: I’ll give y’all a hint for the first challenge - It’s nearly coming to the '90s, and some Central Western European company wants a some kind of new GT.

i’ll be honest. i wasn’t expecting the first round to be an engine for a GT car…

here i was thinking about some generator engines

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are you gonna host or will the first host be determined somehow

After a long thinking, I can admit that the challenge is a bit too simple so I decided to halt ECC for a while. I will post some updates for the game at some point. ECC1 will not be considered dead, still.

Original challenge details

ECC1 - Birth of a Future Legend

Ursula AG Research, Development and Design Center
Stuttgart, Germany

It’s the 80s. After earning loads of funds from sales of sedans all around the world, the Bremen-based automaker Ursula AG has finally found that it’s first R&D center was not enough to hold on, and they decided to start another R&D facility, this time in Stuttgart, the home of the automobile. Over the time, the R&D facility have helped the company developed loads of cars and technologies.

But in 1985 the R&D facility finally got hold of their first ever large scale project. An all-new high-performance GT known internally as Project R-1, which will be the first ever production car to be made out of carbon fiber. The car will be planned for production in 1990.

The R&D staff tried to overcome most problems by researching for more solutions and developed prototypes for the car, but there’s one problem. The engine. They created several versions of the engine just to fit in this car, but to no avail. So, in 1987, the company finally decided to seek help from some engineers around the world to help them out.


  1. This challenge only focuses on engine design and development. Don’t worry about anything else now, save that for future challenges.
  2. Since this is a GT, not a super car, please don’t just focus on high power/torque values. You need a good curve, good responsiveness and also a smooth engine for better driving quality.
  3. Open beta users ONLY. Unless the open beta became stable then use that instead.


  1. Engine must be used in these specs ONLY:
  2. The engine must generate at least 400 hp and 400 Nm and it must be N/A, turbochargers are NOT accepted.
  3. No race parts, catalytic converter and VVT MANDATORY.
  4. Engine RPM max values must be below 8000 RPM.
  5. Engine must run on RON 98 fuel.
  6. Maximum quality level: +5
  7. Minimum engine reliability: 55
  8. Maximum engine loudness: 35
  9. Minimum engine throttle response: 60
  10. Minimum performance index: 250
  11. Minimum engine smoothness: 70
  12. Minimum engine efficiency: 14.5
  13. Maximum engine cost: $2300
  14. Maximum engine engineering time: 200
  15. And finally, please set the engine family/variant year to 1990.


  1. Please use this car carrier for the engine here. Do not edit the car itself. Don’t use the engine from the car itself, if anyone uses that they will be disqualified.

  2. Ursula’s typical engine naming scheme:


  • FE: The variant of the engine. It must be

1st alphabet:

  • A - standard inline engine

  • M - standard V engine

  • Z - performance engine

  • F - high-performance engine (use this)

2nd alphabet: anything you like

  • 45: The capacity of the engine. Use only the first 2 digits of the engine’s CC and round the nearest 50 for usage in the code. (i.e if car engine is 4400-4449 cc then it must be named as a 44, and a 4450-4499 cc unit must have a 45 in it’s name)
  • 10: The number of cylinders.
  • A: Used as a revision code for the engine. Please only use A for the naming scheme here as this is the first engine of it’s kind.

Please use the engine naming scheme above, those who don’t follow will be disqualified.

Judging criteria:

  • The most important part is of course, power. Since this will be fitted in a 300+ km/h super GT, not an economy car, you should have enough power for the car to run at those speeds. Even if it’s made from carbon fiber.

  • Smoothness is also a major factor for this challenge as you want the driver to actually drive it without problems on a smooth ride. No one’s going to buy a GT for a shitty ride.

  • Good throttle response and performance is also a must here. You want a super GT with good performance, aren’t you?

  • Reliability is good to have for a car like that, but don’t put it too low since no one, even those who can afford the car wants a shit engine that breaks a lot.

  • Fuel economy is also a bonus product here, so owners of the car can stop for fuel for less (and buy that villa in some southern European country quicker). Try to find a good fuel economy value for an engine like that.

  • As for repair costs, we all know that the car’s main customers are the elite high end, but they will not be happy if they saw exorbitant repair fees for the car. Keep in mind of that before designing the engine.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

Car Model/Engine Family: ECC1 - Username
Engine Variant: Follow Ursula’s engine naming scheme with rules (see above)
Car Trim: Anything you like
Deadline (for rule updating): Wednesday, 17 April 2019, 23:59:59 (GMT +8)
Start date for entries: 18 April 2019
Deadline (for entries): Friday, 26 April 2019, 23:59:59 (GMT +8)

Send the .car file to me by DM on the fourms or on Discord (F12OM)

Please note that there is NO WINDOW for resubmission; if you submit your engine and it does not comply with the rules, you’re out of luck, sorry.

I suspect you are referring to material costs.

As for a maximum engine PU limit, does this challenge need one? If so, what value would you set it to? If not, why not?

Almost forgot: why is it explicitly required to be a V10 and not a V12, especially since the latter is smoother still? Then again, some specialist supercar manufacturer might want to buy such an engine from Ursula if they want to provide something close to the feel of a contemporary 3.5L F1 car.

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  1. Yes, I meant to say material costs.
  2. The engine isn’t really a mass production unit, so ATM I don’t really plan to put a PU limit for the engine. But keep it at a limit (say 250 at most), as the company would like to keep costs low for the engine building stuff.

Because V12 GTs are a bit boring as everyone else IRL is doing it, and I want some see some challenge for the engine building process.

… why?

that is just a tad bit too much. you could make a DOHC 5v V12 and still have room for quality points with this

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I have to be quite frank. As it currently is the challenge is basically to fine tuned a very specific engine. It’s very clear that there’s only one solution for this engine and it is exactly what you want.

So what’s wrong with this? Well. You might as well make it yourself! We don’t get to make much engineering decision or compromise.

It’s as if you want an engine, but would rather do something else than put hours fine tuning effort into it. Which of course you could just ask experienced player nicely and they would totally do it because this community is nice.

But as a challenge? It’s not really one, to be honest with you.