Echo's fun little "company" "challenge"

Before you get all excited that this is an in-depth highly realistic challenge. That is not the intention at all, I do plan to add new features later down the line if this 1st playthrough goes well, but for the time being, it’s a relatively simple “challenge”, and I just made it for me and my friends to have fun.

The challenge goes from 1980 to 2020+ with around a 1 day/year increment, but that may change. For anyone that’s joining after I post this, you’ll most likely start in 1985+ Your objective: Win, more specifically… there’s no real objective. Just make cars and compete against other companies to be the at the top of the tables. Car regulations update every few years and there are random events that happen every year.
Anyone can rate anyone’s car, however they wish to do so, so long as they include positives and negatives, and publish reviews and whatever else they want to do. The average car rating becomes the company rating, which then translates into a position in the league table.

Basically, if you’re bored, want to make new friends, and like building cars, feel free to join! It’s hosted on this discord server: Echos Auto-Beam Contests