Economic 2.5L 16V SOHC

The sportiest of my Economic engines this 2.5L 16V SOHC baby is pushing out over 200HP! the cost of this engine is significantly more then that of my 2.2L and 1.9L economic engines however it is worth it for those who want a sporty, get up and go car!

Engine Specifications:
Engine: E-250
Engine Type: 2.5L 16-valve in-line 4 SOHC
Horsepower (net@rpm): 206 @ 7000
Torque (lb.-ft.@rpm): 182 @ 3800
Redline: 7000
MTBF: 72570 KM (45093 Miles)
Weight: 289.8 Ibs.
Size: 523mm x 454mm x 332mm
RON: 95
Economy: 379.3 g/kWh (20.28%)
Emissions: 147

Other Specifications:
Responsiveness: 47.4
Loudness: 37.0
Smoothness: 52.3
Service Cost: $869.84 / year
Material Cost: $726.76
Man Hours: 43.2
Engine Cost to buyer: $2261.62

The most powerful of the E series engine this bad boy can eat away most other moderately priced small sedans and hatchbacks! its 204 HP and 182 ft-lb of torque are some impressive numbers to be coming out of this reasonably priced 4 cylinder!