Economy hardest to tune for?

Maybe it’s just me but having played all the scenarios up to Entry Level Engine, i’ve platinum-ed all of them except Entry Level Engine and OIl Crisis. The others for me have thus far been just complex enough to really keep me thinking (and i love that in a game)

Just wondering if others are having similar difficulty with these and other economy based scenarios, or if it’s just me. if it is i’d love some tips from those more economically minded… i feel like i’m trying to bottom out the fuel mixture and cam profile and maybe there are other variables that i can use to my advantage to increase economy. Compression is good for economy but it’s one of the harder variables to optimize in my opinion. mostly due to how many other variables come into play with an engines RON rating.

either way, loving the game demo and will be awaiting updates and the full game when they’re available!!!

Keep it up guys!!

Sometimes is better to go for high fuel mix. & compression.

thanks for the tip…

i was hoping that might be possible but since the fuel mixture has the largest effect on economy i had always been leaving it very low…

i’ll keep playing around and hopefully that’ll yield a workable solution.

Think of it like this - do you mind using double the fuel if you get TRIPLE the power.

Cam profile also have a BIG impact on economy

Tyler: good point. i’ll have to play around… since the two scenarios in question are carb limited and basically injection limited (i don’t see how you could meet the requirements without EFI) playing around will really give me a good sense of how to optomize these in an NA environment.

T16: yes i’ve noticed that… a few points out of the cam profile and economy gets markedly better… problem is having low cam profile and trying to meet the HP targets…

i’m starting to see that compression and therefore the fuel mixture, are the biggest players in the econ game… the cam profile will make the difference between gold and platinum i’d imagine.

thanks guys, i got so fuel shy i was really selling myself short… my assumption of low fuel = winning economy was obviously flawed.

i think i did ok with the first 5 or so scenario’s - and the rest im simply failing at - thats not a bad thing though - it just means i suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry - we suck at them too :slight_smile: (Honestly, t16 is better than us by a HUGE amount)

I can assure you all that they all are doable with platinum rating xD but may be rather difficult, just like Daffy says hehe. :smiley:

I’m really struggling with the Kei challenge! I can’t figure out how to maintain the HP figure on such a small engine, while also achieving such a low economy figure.

Also, I’m constantly a tad over budget. Up till this one I did them fairly quickly (albeit not excactly with platinum), but this one has me stumped.

I can give you a hint on that one that helped me to pass the scenario: first build a cheap sporty little engine… 40-something kW won’t be a problem there. A super important thing here is the tech-year slider!!! You probably want to have it as low as possible for most tabs, while at medium / high years for the fuel system. After that, start tuning the engine for better economy from there :slight_smile: Cheers!

Thanks :slight_smile:
This was the most important hint… i never realized how important the tech-year ist. Only looked at the parts available, didn’t see the influence on costs. Reducing the tech-year saved enough money to buy all the fancy parts to get fuel-economy + power :slight_smile:
Got it up to 1223 points now, so all scenarios platin.

Gratz getting everything to platinum on all scenarios i still have 2 to go :frowning: