Edit car files externally to circumvent game limitations? (less than 20% brake force)

In short, I would like to know if it’s possible manually edit a car’s .car file to set a slider’s value beyond what’s available in-game- specifically, to set rear brake force lower than 20%.

The reason: I have built a microcar that is so light that even the minimum-possible-strength rear brakes are too powerful for rear grip- thus making the regular brakes work like a handbrake and making the car an undrivable deathtrap (and nothing I’ve tried can bring rear grip up enough). Now, this issue could be easily solved if I could set the rear brake force lower than 20% (perhaps to 0%), but the slider in-game doesn’t go that far. Hence I’m wondering if there might be a way to edit the value out-of-game via the .car file.

I have already tried opening the .car file in Notepad, and can find a value labled “RearBrakeForceN,” however Notepad doesn’t seem to be able to read this value itself properly, instead putting out a string of characters (shown below).

If I could open it in the correct program, or get the right sequence of characters to replace that value with, I suspect (hope) I could set the rear brake force to 1% or 0%, then re-import the .car file, and assuming I don’t touch the slider henceforth, I’d have the result I want (hopefully similar to what happens when the game gives the car a default tire width that’s outside the bounds of what it’ll let you select).

Now I realize that this probably isn’t as easy as I’m hoping it is- if the option for “0% brake force” were really that simple to implement, it’d probably be on the slider already anyway -but hey, it’s worth a shot. If anyone knows if/how I could accomplish this, please let me know. :D

An SQL database editor can do tricks. That might be in the list. I’m going to assume you used softer friction material as well.

That could be somewhere to start. Do you know any editors I could try for this?

https://sqlitebrowser.org/ DB Browser for SQLite

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Having tried it, it doesn’t look like SQLlite can read the .car file; it keeps getting hung up by characters it doesn’t recognize (the ones that come up as “” above). Interestingly, they do work when pasted into the chrome taskbar, but not when searched.


I’ll keep looking into it for now, see if I can figure out what they are and get my OS to recognize them. Thanks for the help so far!

So though promising, the SQL editor is unfortunately starting to look like a dead end, at least with my lack of background with it. It just isn’t compatible with those characters (or at least I haven’t figured out how to change that), and they’re too plentiful and important in the file to just ignore.

If anyone knows how to fix this, or has any other ideas to go about this, please put 'em out. I’m stumped for now, but would love to keep trying at this.

Maybe, for research purposes, edit it before exporting.

It… didn’t occur to me that that might be possible. o.o

I presume you mean editing the sandbox save/data itself, rather than the .car. Do you know where said saves are stored? I can’t seem to find them myself.

The sandbox database is a .db that can be edited with DB Browser, the car files are not.
You find your sandbox database here:


Thanks for the tip!

I forgot to update here (stm316 & I had gone to DMs to prevent clutter), but when I edit the sandbox saves, I can edit the trims externally, and even have said edits save if I export and re-import the car. The only issue, though, is that every time I go beyond the game’s sliders, it automatically just resets the value to the closest “legal” value upon opening the car, rather than just letting them stay beyond, as I hoped.

There may be a trick to prevent it doing that, but not one I was able to find while toying with it. Still, its really cool to know that even that much is possible!