EEE - Evangel's (Not So) Extreme Engines

I’m posting these engines…

  1. For fun.
  2. So you can possibly rebuild them and make them even better.
  3. Give me a form of constructive criticism on some of them.

First off is…

2.5L DOHC EFI 24V V6 (NA Version - Unsure if I’ll make a Turbo Version)

(Also, Alfa Romeo, you should totally hit me up some time.)

Sorry for two posts in such a short time, but here’s the Oracle Street-To-Track Performance 2.0L DOHC EFI 16V I4

I completely rebuilt the Vortex2000, and in my opinion, built a much better engine this time around. There’s a lot of slider abuse here, yes, but I only did so in areas that oddly DECREASED the price while improving performance. All that slider abuse and still more power for less money than the previous Vortex2000. It does have some reliability issues, mainly at the top if it’s 9500RPM range, but at 77.7, it’s still even more reliable than the Vortex2000, so I’m happy with how this one turned out. Go 100% Cam Profile? Lol.


Slider abuse can reduce material costs, but it increases production units, which are arguably more important.

I don’t know what the production units do. XD

High production units will result in greater overall costs in the car designer, and will also make your car take forever to design and manufacture. Production units are worth more than material costs, so it will always be cheaper overall to choose the lower production unit part over the cheaper material cost part.

I learned that when I created a $20 000 commuter that was supposed to be $17 500.

I’ll keep that in mind for future builds. I’m currently doing the 24 Hour Endurance V8 Scenario, and the only three things I haven’t met yet are the Power Range, Performance Index, and Responsiveness. Mainly because I was working on getting the economy down, now that I understand the game a LOT better than I did this time last week.

2015/2016 Morikawa K-Street - 655cc DOHC EFI 20V I4

The Morikawa K-Street, named after designer Kenji Morikawa. Fairly cheap kei car engine design, and I didn’t mess with the sliders but very little, if at all on this engine. 62.8HP with a high rev limit (9500RPM), set as high as possible to maximize performance, yet minimize reliability issues. Morikawa is rumored to be starting up a small Kei Car racing series of sorts so smaller car companies will have a way to get into the world of racing and make a name for themselves while racing some of the bigger manufacturers without absolutely breaking the bank.

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