Efendi Cars - Get the Nehef Hunter EVO

What car should i make a special edition for it?

  • HCW EF2
  • Nehef Hunter
  • Efendi F20

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Hi, since my old thread is messy, i decided to make a cleanup
A sub-brand by Efendi is here it’s HCW (Hendra Car Works)… Me and my friend, Hendra teamed up and made the HCW SB1 (B01) and now i am making a newer concept too.
A sneak peek! a new Efendi with the B chassis!
A HCW SB facelift with better material and weighs 1192kg!
A new NEKO Engine!
We’re making maps and things in Minecraft too!
Tuning cars in SLRR!
A new engine and chassis coding !

Here it is:
Chassis codes
B : Hatch chassis like used by HCW SB
N : Hatch chassis like used by Efendi F20
BG: Alumunium B Chassis
NG: Alumunium N Chassis
BR: Carbon B Chassis
NR: Carbon N Chassis

Engine Type
NE :NEKO Engines
AN : Cheapbox
AR : Tweaked Cheapbox
NR : DIY Engine kit for you!
MS : GTi
KH : R version
KR : RR version

S: SOHC with VVT it will be SV
D: DOHC With VVT it will be DV
P : PushRods

Fuel System
DI: Direct Inject
EI: EFI Multi Point
SI: EFI Single point

Stay tuned for more information about munase Industries!

Any cars?

Of course yes! The new Efendi will have the same chassis with HCW SB

I think Loucurasdo was asking if you were going to post any cars in the thread.


Okay this is the old AMP Barsha but now it’s facelifted. It has a new AN engine and yes i made it from FWD to RWD.

I build this on B1323.

Rear wheel drive in a modern hatchback? That should be fun!

what The fastest Top speed do you have?

378 Km/h and hello alif! Guys, i’ll introduce him, He’s name is Alif Alstaqif and he was my school friend. He is the CEO and Founder of AMP and he sometimes loves FWD… :smiley:
I turned the AMP Barsha from FWD to RWD. Say hello to him

What do you think about this HCW SB GT? 3.2 litres Smolensk from the Efendi F20 Smolensk is revised by RRE Tuners and fitted to this car.
469 HP but can boosts the car from 0 -100 in 3 seconds
Race spec handling
Starting 27.000$

Here are the sketches of my upcoming cars.
The HCW SB Manta

And The Efendi S Concept Le Mans

To improve safety when driving, we always use alumunium or corrosion resistant steel.
To improve lightness we always use alumunium on base cars and carbon fibres in sports cars.
To make you happy and joy when you driving, our cars always RWD or longitudinal AWD
To improve luxury, our cars interior is designed by professionals
We always use longitudinal FWD.
We want you to love our cars because RWD.
To improve our cars efficency, we use NEKO engines.
Crashes can’t be avoided so our cars are equiped with Advanced level safety.

By HCW and Efendi
Joy by driving

Okay so this is a late post. AMP doesn’t make longitudinal FWD and we (Efendi) helped them by making a concept

1.5 litres 113 HP and you can have the optional 1.6 litres 214 HP engine
And this car has LSD. The interior will be designed later
and now, The Efendi S Concept

You can tune most of things in this cars and it has AR16DVDI that produces 241HP
And it is RWD. Efendi Co. rarely makes FWD but when we do, it must be Mid Engined FWD.
and the Efendi S Concept is near here now. The spy cars are roaming on our track and will be on Brands Hatch

No one intresed in my cars? :frowning:

I’d say it looks great!
Clean and sporty even on the standard model, must be something with the wheels…

Oh thank you saleen00b
Want to order one of them?
Contact me on PM

[quote=“Octan2013”]Oh thank you saleen00b
Want to order one of them?
Contact me on PM[/quote]

I’ll definitely have to think about it.

Helo guys, it’s my birthday today. And because of it, i will tell you the Efendi S prototyoe specs
The engine still AR16DVDI 241 HP
The Interior is premium and the entertainment is basic but it will entertain you to much because the sound insulation is top quality
Advanced Safety
Daytime running lights(this is the first time my car company makes this)
If one day i preorder automation, there will be 1litres I6 or maybe 1.5 litres V8

happy birthday :slight_smile:

thank you