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Hi guys! well i always use the demo version of automation because i can’t buy the full version… So i made a car that can kill Supercars like Audi R8 or Porsche 911 and suprisingly they are hatches! The grey one is Efendi G20 but this one isn’t the sport one… 0-100 in 6 seconds and this car is FF… I call the Sport versions “RRE”. The blue Efendi G20 is the RRE version of it. It can reach 0 -100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and it’s top speed is 326 km/h and i made the engines without turbos… The Efendi G20 RRE has FR drivetrain and it’s engine produces 530 HP without a turbo and its an Inline 4 engine

The G20 looks really good!

Well my friend,Nabiel told me to make a new car… I made it and i call it the Nehef Humber…
Nehef isn’t mine it’s Nabiels.
The Nehef Humber can reach about 239 km/h and it has FF drivetrain and the engine produces 193 HP.

The Humber SPORT can reach about 326 km/h like the G20 and that can kill one of my favorite german sports car Porsche 911 (Top speed: 310 km/h)
I made the engine naturally aspirated… It has FR drivetrain and the engine produces 530 HP without turbos

Hi friends i want to introduce my new cars. This is the AMP Barsha

I made this car for my other friend, Alif. The engine can produce 175 HP. Don’t worry the sport version of the Barsha is still a supercar killer it can reach 328 km/h
and the engine produces 533 HP naturally aspirated. This car has a special edition called SAMURAI, It’s a faster version than the sport one and the engine can produce 566 HP (the engines are Inline 4!)

You have some very nice cars octane :wink: The Nehef Humber looks a little bit like the Toyota xB . i personally really like these cars :smiley:
keep it up ^^

This is the Efendi D20. The idea is from my trashed car the GTV

The GTV was a track days car for ALMS but replaced by the Nehef Humber ALMS.
When i was sleeping, i was dreaming of the GTV turned to a street car and i made the car in automation the results is D20
The engine uses the same engine as Nehef Humber but the D20 is the first Hatch that is FR in my brand. The D20 RRE has different engine. The car has better engine then the other RRE and the engine produces 533 HP
the car can reach 100 km/h in 5.3 secs and the top speed is 329 km/h

NICE DAY EVERYBODY! I made an update for the Efendi G20 RRE. The engine is replaced with a new engine that can produce 533 HP and now it goes faster! The car can cool the engine until 567 HP and the car still have FR drivetrain

The launching of the cars will be cancelled in 11 January 2014 because i’m going to go camping. I will launch the cars at 13 January 2014. Heres the new Efendi G20’s brother the F20!

It has the same engine as the G20 except the RRE. I remake all of the engines for super hatches to make them produces more power. so the Efendi F20 is the fastest hatch in Munase Industries at the moment (Top speed : 335 km/h). The engine produces 533 HP

here you go you can own all of the super hatches engines
H7Y184Rev0.lua (46.7 KB)
H7Y189Rev0.lua (47.5 KB)
H7YRev0.lua (44.6 KB)

part 2 of the engines
H7Y20Rev0.lua (44.7 KB)
H7Y180Rev0.lua (45.1 KB)
R90Rev0.lua (43.8 KB)

part 3

part 4
G2RTRev0.lua (45.4 KB)
G7B5Rev0.lua (44.6 KB)
G7B8Rev0.lua (44.7 KB)

part 5
1NZ-FERev0.lua (42 KB)
Camry HR8PRev0.lua (45 KB)
D20TRev0.lua (44.4 KB)

AMP Barsha pack platform
AMP Barsha.lua (19.3 KB)
AMP Barsha SAMURAI.lua (21.7 KB)
AMP Barsha RRE.lua (21.6 KB)

AMP Lion platform
AMP Lion.lua (19.3 KB)
AMP Lion RRE.lua (21.1 KB)

Munase Humber R2.lua (20.5 KB)
Neherwan Humber ALMS Project 2.lua (20 KB)
Efendi G20 GT3.lua (20.4 KB)

Munase Georgia.lua (19.9 KB)
Munase Georgia R2.lua (21.5 KB)

Efendi D20 pack platform
Efendu D20 HUNTER.lua (21.7 KB)
Efendi D20.lua (19.9 KB)
Efendi D20 RRE.lua (21.7 KB)

Nehef Humber platform
Munase Humber.lua (19.3 KB)
Munase Humber R2.lua (20.5 KB)

Efendi F20.lua (18.6 KB)
Efendi F20 RRE.lua (20.9 KB)