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Founded in 2012, in Liege, Belgium, EVE is an EV Parts supplier, and as of 2017, has begun designing and building proof-of-concept designs to demonstrate their parts. EVE currently produces all kinds of parts for EV and Hybrid automobiles, including motors and batteries.

EVE currently has 3 built concepts, and is looking for companies to work with as either R&D or as a Supplier.

Current EVE Concept Vehicles

EVE FOX EV Concept (2017)

EVE OWL EV Concept

EVE ELK EV Concept (2018)

Current EVE Production Vehicles

EVE Willow (2018/9)


Can you add links to the concepts?

They will be posted soon.

2017 EVE FOX EV Concept.


2018 EVE ELK EV Concept


Cool brand

Indeed. But they’re all electric, so Im guessing we won’t be seeing these in a competition any time soon… or ever.

I think they all need versions with a big ole pushrod V8, assisted by an electric range extender :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the front, but the rear… Leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Hybrid LS swap? :smiley:

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Im thinking about doing the same kind of thing. Maybye make a design house company snce i suck at making engines. I need to git gud at logo design. Or i could design cars for a company.

Do not double post, man. Edit your previous post if you forgot to add something, but double posting just clutters up threads and makes them harder to navigate. Also there are a few design studio threads on these forums, but they aren’t getting much use. So you’re better off designing your own cars.

What mods u using? or are those parts custum made?

Literally fucking



Damn? They were just telling you to not double post. It’s part of the forum etiquette.


I think the only mods used were the Body and Wing on the ELK concept. Everything else can be done with vanilla parts


There’s a button for “saying” “ok”, “I like it”, “nice” etc. - that one with the heart. So please don’t write such things.


The Willow Was Announced at the Detroit Autoshow today.

This is a great step forward for the company.

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