Elio - 84 mpg and $6800?

Hello people of Automation! I’m just taking this time to introduce you to something that you may or may not have already heard of: the Elio. Elio motors is a small American company that thinks they can revolutionize transportation. It’s got 3 wheels, is classified as a motorcycle, and can apparently do 84 mpg on the highway, all while costing $6800 brand new. So, what are your thoughts?

And they’ll have my pre order money as soon as they clear up the regulatory autocycle issues.

nial is right.

Since it is a 3-wheel, it’s going to require a motorcycle license and a helmet in many jurisdictions.

At least in my state you don’t need a helmet if your over 18.

It would be great for commuting/city, but would suck out here in the rural southwest.

Yeah, it seems to be more or less in the same category Smart, but without the slightly ridiculous price tag of the Smart in North America.

I love the idea of them and give them kudos for the chutzpah of designing their own engine for this. Basic cheap transport is a great idea and I wish them the best, but until you can buy register and drive them in all states with only a drivers license, and they actually make that engine them talk about and stop using the old Geo metro xfi engine as a stopgap in their prototypes I’m calling it a pipe dream.