Elisbury update erasing data?

Just had the pleasure to see that my computer updated to Elisbury. Now my sandbox had rolled backwards months. Steam did not restore anything. Restoring from my backup is not working. Im running the release build of Elisbury, NOT A BETA, never did run beta. Going back to 4.2 using the betas tab solves this issue

This is most likely because the game is using different database files (where all your vehicles are stored) for different versions. Most likely to protect your vehicles from unexpected corruption. Your cars should be preserved in the appdata/local/automationgame/ folders, one of them at least, listed as a database file.

where is the new database file located?

Should be in the same folder as the old database, with a higher number (42…->43…)

theres no number in the forum name at all?

The new data base is stored here:

If you replace the “new” db with your more complete one in this area it should run it ok. Failing that if you have exported your cars in automation or from automation to beam you can retrieve their car files and mass import them into the new db anyway.

The old stuff should(?) be located in this area:
Although I can’t find mine anymore.