Embrace the boredom [Judging completed]

It’s 1995, and Bland Motors’ executives have decided to refresh its full lineup (compact sedan, midsize sedan, midsize estate, small coupe and midsize SUV).

The rules are:

  1. You can submit only one version for every model
  2. All cars must look as boring and basic as possible. Remember: not ugly, just boring
  3. All gearboxes must be either a 3 or 4 speed regular automatic (the more sluggish, the better)
  4. All cars must be FWD
  5. The cars need to be production ready, so nothing fancy or complicated
  6. You can develop a new engine, but it would be better if you used an updated version of the “BL4” unit featured in the example that I will include down here
  7. An eventual new engine must run on regular (91 RON)
  8. No aluminium parts allowed anywhere in the car apart for the alloy rims
  9. Sporty=Bad, so prioritize comfort over anything else
  10. Loudness must be less than 31
  11. All cars must have at least 5 seats
  12. All cars must follow 1995 USA regulations

Remember to include the Bland Motors badge (you can see it from the example down here) and to name the cars BlandSomething (like BlandCoupe for the coupe, BlandWagon for the estate and so on).
You have until the 25th of August to submit your cars

Share your car, naming the model: Meh-your Automation nickname

Bland_Motors_BlandCoupe_-_2_1.car (26.3 KB) (Sorry if the engineering here it’s not good, it was one of my earliest cars and I could not be bothered less to update it)

Cars will be evaluated majorly on how boring is the styling

I know it’s hard to have fun with these cars, but try to have as much of it as possible!


For us Europeans it’s about as vague as you can get. Same for the premise of the challenge itself - are those cars supposed to be as boring as possible or actually good? How will they be judged?

If I am not mistaken, rear side markers were required in the US market by 1995, but rear fog lights and reflectors were not.

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As I said, the styling must be as boring as possible, but the engineering part needs to be actually good (not great, just good)
Sorry if I missed to explain something, this is my first challenge and I’m trying my best. If I missed something, please let me know

The 3rd brake light is also required. If you have some doubts, you could check some pics of old American cars of that period

1995 Bland Motors Gen II proposal

Bogliq by Design

Here are the five models, as requested, all motivated by variants of your existing powertrains and some of your proposals have been paired with a higher volume proposal in order to leverage economies of scale and simplifying spares inventory costs.

These models are the Prosaic, Insipid and the Torpid SUV.

No. 1 - 1995 Bland Prosaic

Prosaic Si

The Prosaic Si is your bread and butter model. It’s super quiet, sophisticated yet easy to maintain and run. You’ll have no trouble selling these to entry level managers, travelling salesmen and retirees.

Prosaic SiR

The Prosaic SiR is your small sportscar of choice. Features a powerful, turbocharged engine with VVT, handles the track with aplomb yet is still eminently comfortable. This’ll sell to rich kids, empty nesters and anyone who wants to look cool without sacrificing style (ultra bland of course :wink:).

No. 2 - 1995 Bland Insipid

Insipid Si

The Insipid Si is the quintessential Commuter machine. Middle managers, high level bureaucrats and pretentious Europhiles will immediately fall in love with this sedan. Drives great, rides great and looks meh… The perfect Bland midsize sedan!

Insipid Si-W

Private buyers don’t buy estates anymore. But fleet buyers do… So the Insipid Si-W is poised to capture the heart of every sales rep, fleet manager and marketing consultant throughout this nation. When it comes to fleets; Bland is best!

No. 3 - 1995 Bland Torpid

Torpid Si

But we haven’t forgotten our private buyers, oh no, Bland will be able to have their cake and eat it too! It’s a powerful new concept; the “soft-roader”. Looks like a hardcore SUV, feels like an SUV, drives like a wagon with compromised suspension settings! The Torpid powers it’s front wheels because that’s the safe and efficient way to do it. It rides high to give the commanding road view so many owners crave and it’s got six command chairs, which will make every occupant feel like royalty… Bland will be what every driver will want and none of them will venture offroad. Ever!

Thankyou for reading our design proposal brief. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or comments.

I, and the rest of the team at Bogliq by Design, wish you all at Bland Motors a productive and hassle free day…

Yours Sincerely

Hank Ercheef,
Head of Negotiations
Bogliq by Design


I assume a two door car that the game counts as a sedan will still be eligible for the role of coupe?

It would be better if the car is a coupe, but a 2-door sedan could also do the trick

Really? You did that?


An amber side marker on the side at the front and a red marker on the side at the rear is basically all you need to do for the styling when it comes to US regulations… and considering none of the example cars above seem to have them, I’m really losing faith in whether this challenge is going to be run as effectively as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a common location for them, also shows the relatively beefy bumpers cars still had then


For the sake of it, I’m forced to suppose that the side reflectors will be added during production. Thank you for sharing that pic so others who will submit (if there are any) will know what to do

Just checking to see if anyone actually reads all of my posts, or just view then for the awesome eye candy! :grin::wink:

man, can you please link me the mods you used for your taillights on the Steam workshop? I can’t find them anywhere


Are my taillights missing when you load the car up?

I ask this because all my mods are 4.24, from the Steam Workshop and readily available… If you’re looking for taillights that look like my entrant’s lights, you won’t find them, this is because they are actually 3 - 4 separate fixtures layered over each other!

The easiest way to ensure you have all the latest mods is to go into the workshop, select a recent mod, then click on the game engine (will say UE4_24). This will filter out all the obsolete mods. Then select any mods you’ve missed and you’ll be golden…


Thank you.
Yes, they are missing, but I’ve already judged your cars. More infos after the deadline

I’m starting to make my entries and… WTF is that engine - why does it have throttle per cylinder and performance intake? I get the suboptimal tune, but I don’t get using sporty parts in a boring car engine :smile:

The one featured in the BlandCoupe is the “sportier” version, so it includes more performance-oriented parts. You can still use parts like these on the Coupe engine, but if you want to make a single engine for all the models, then I would suggest to not use individual throttle bodies and performance intakes

Can we use more than one engine family? I feel like those midsize models could benefit from a larger engine, especially for the American market.

If you want, you can