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Emilio Dilessi Engines - DSPA Engine Store

Dilessi will offer you engines from 1955 on. Reliability will be brought into focus instead of power, but all engines can be tuned by customers. Also only a few engines will be offered with 98 or mor RON in favour of being able to be optimized and not only providing high performance engines.

Dilessi will always give you a comparison to power and torque of the engines Dilessi will use. All further information will only be shown at customer engines, not at those Dilessi will use.

All i´m asking for is giving credit if you use a DSPA Engine or use a DSPA Engine as a base. They are all free to use.

1955 - DSPA-DB1-D2S

1965 - DSPA-DB2-D4R (F1 Spec Engine)
1965 - DSPA-CC1-C4P

1970 - DSPA-DD1-IS
1972 - DSPA-DC1-ITP2C



2004 - DSPA-AC1L-MS-VVti

2011 - DSPA-GC1-DP-VVTi

(Engines are for Steam Version non-Open Beta)


Can you also put the other engines for download? Possibly on a different post?

I know, i´m respondig to a very old post, but: No, i will just share my costumer engines. Nothing else.

Is there a way to just export the engine? I can´t find it in-game. For now i use another solution. I´ll make a new car not related to the real Dilessi car. But it´ll use the costumer engine. So please just use the engine. The car itself is crap. :wink:

1972 - Dilessi 525 SEB Costumer Engine

The DSPA-DC1-ITP2C is a bit less powerfull than the DSPA-DC1-ITP2C from the 525 SEB. In comparison the 525 SEB will just hit 235 km/h top speed instead of 251 km/h and will acclerate from 0-100 km/h in 6.78 sec instead of 5.95 sec. It´s also less economical.

But at least it´s more reliable and less expensive to make it a better costumer engine.

1972 - DSPA-DC1-ITP2C

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The engine export feature doesn’t work

Oh, ok. But at least it´s possible to share a car and so i´ll use this way to share the engines. Not ideal, but it works. :X