Emission Standards?

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    So I'm pretty sure as most of us are car people, Im trying to build a realistic car. I'm aware that each if not, some states in the U.S have emission standards. I've tried to research thes standards and have not been able to find them. Can anyone tell me what most of the states emission standards are? Cheers and thanks in advance!


It doesn’t translate directly to the numbers in the game, but go to this link and click “Adopted rule text” to open the PDF.


Buried in all of the text are charts that tell things like the maximum number of hydrocarbons that a car can register.

My state, as of I think 2008, required all new cars being sold to conform to California emissions standards, which are the strictest in the nation.

We don’t test our new cars for at least 5 years (longer on Hybrids), and test them every 2 years thereafter until they reach 25 years old and become emissions exempt. On an OBD-II car, a code thrown by the computer constitutes an automatic failure. If a car fails either by actual emissions or code failure, the owner is required to take the car to a State-certified emissions mechanic (Nearly all dealerships and reputable independent shops) and spend a minimum of $150 attempting to fix the issue. The owner then brings the repair invoice with them to the re-test, and if they fail again, they get a waiver until next test.

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If you live in a state with emission standards, you should have thresholds printed directly on the emission test results for OBD systems. My OBD-II does not print thresholds, however. It only shows values from my actual test. The chart excerpt below shows some typical cut-off values. Feel free to read the actual article to understand more about what the chart’s values mean.

[quote=“excerpt from: aa1car.com/library/tr1196.htm”]


Model year…Typical Cut Points…Well-tuned engine

…CO%…HC ppm…CO%…HC ppm

pre-1968… 7.5-12.5… 750-2000… 2.0-3.0… 250-500

1969-70… 7.0-11.0… 650-1250… 1.5-2.5… 200-300

1971-74… 5.0-9.0… 425-1200… 1.0-1.5… 100-200

1975-79… 3.0-6.5… 300-650… 0.5-1.0… 50-100

1980… 1.5-3.5… 275-600… 0.3-1.0… 50-100

1981-93… 1.0-2.5… 200-300… 0.0-0.5… 10-50

1994 & up… 1.0-1.5… 50-100… 0.0-0.2… 02-20

Below are actual Emissions Test Results for my two cars. One is older, from 1994 with no OBD-II connection and has thresholds. The other is a newer 2007 with OBD-II connection and has only pass or fail. Finding threshold values for the state of Georgia turned up nothing. It seems they might be a secret. haha


As previously stated, these numbers do not really translate to in-game numbers. Obviously, however, the closer you get to 0.00, the better your emissions! I aim for under 80 on my newer engines, and for really hard sport tuned engines, 120-150 seems more reasonable.