Engine Efficiency

Is there a decent translation for Engine Efficieny to mpg, Which I know depends on a number of factors. But Id like to know if my engine is getting the equivalent of 3 mpg…

It’s not really possible to convert to MPG, but I can tell you that really ineffecient engines might be as bad as 20%, really good ones up to about 35%.

Ok thanks for the reply! I just needed to know an example. I just had nothing to base it off of.

Engine efficiency is basically the inverse of the g/kWh measure, while a bit easier to understand as a convention. 35% is REALLY good for a 4-stroke gasoline engine. :slight_smile: As Andrew points out correctly, there is NO way to convert it to MPG, and whoever says there is is lying or pulling numbers out of his behind. Example: small 35% engine in super aerodynamic 3-wheeler: 2L/100km, same engine in a Hummer will probably do 20L/100km -> if you believe it can be converted, you don’t get it :wink: