Engine for a Citroën 2CV-Like car

Hi fellows,

This is my first post on Automation forums but i’m playing with the game since a month, and I really enjoy it. I can’t wait any more for the new engines and a full car editor. Kudos to the Automation team for creating such an amazing simulator.

I would Like to present you one of my engines, it’s not the most powerful you’ve ever seen, but i’m kind proud of it.

Here it is :


The point with this motor is to run a little car like the Citroën 2CV. The first one was released in 1948 and was fueld by a flat-twin 375cc engine. As we can’t do yet such engines in automation, i did a 500 cc 4 inline and tried to get the best of it, even if 4 inline is not the most adapted scheme for such a little engine.

As you can see, it can roughly deliver 14.9 ch and a torque of 32.9 Nm. Economy is quite good, around 10 % and his lifespan exceeds 40 000 km. Weight is not a real issue(66 kg) and it’s kinda cheap to build with less than 200 bucks and 15 man hours. Cheap engines work with cheap fuel, so this one works with Classic Leaded Fuel (RON 92.0)

What do you think of it ? Can someone get more from this little guy ? :slight_smile:

It cost a few dollars more and an extra manhour, bit more power and econ all my gains had some costs but attached is what I put together

Wow, 22.4 hp, it’s kinda impressive !

Kudos !

Edit : I managed to get that with a little more material cost but a little less man hours during my lunch break :


Good work,
I would suggest that you might get enough benefit from a short cast exhaust to out way the cost.
Here is my best with a single barreled carby

Also this is what I get with the double barreled carby.
For the sports version. Haha :sunglasses:

nice job guys

Sports version is impressive, i like it !