Engine graph bug (Open Beta 4.2) [Solved]

As you can see the engine graph is rather optimistic about the power output. I tried this on multiple engines and the engine graph always gives wrong power output.


at first I thought the graph was power at the crank the and the number at the wheels… but then I realized that doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t change depending on the drivetrain in game.

Assuming the 133Nm @ 4600 is correct, the graph appears to be treating hp as KW, then converting it to hp.

133Nm @ 4600 = 86hp.

I could be reading this entirely wrong.

Which is correct output… 93 or 133 hp?

EDIT: It’s a result of having a both “imperial/US” units and, I guess that makes them “metric”, in your settings. Switch them both to the same, and it works properly.

It fixes it, but only just.

When I have kW and Nm the graph is correct, however when I put everything in imperial the horespower in the graph is still around 30 hp more than the engine has.

Thanks for the help

This Seriously needs a fix. its even more prevelant with turbo’s. Metric units make no sense to me in engine terms.

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Also where is the vertical scale? Is that an intended change?