Engine material

Hey quick question. When i always open the game and start making my engine i always notice that instead of aluminium alloy its normal aluminium and as i know aluminium is too flexible to be used by itself in a engine. So am i or the game wrong??

You may be wrong - aluminum in-game refers to an aluminum alloy; AlSi is a more advanced aluminum/silicon alloy.

Yea but aluminium but itself has a too low of a melting point to be used by itself

I think it’s just a simplification for the sake of readability. Various descriptions of real engines also refer to their material as “aluminium” even though it’s some alloy of it.

Its explained in the title tooltip that Aluminium Light/Heavy are actually aluminium alloys. That full name is just too long for the item list, so we just call them Aluminium Light/Heavy instead.


Oh. Thanky you very much i was just dumbfounded