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Engine parameters in .jbeam file for exported cars

Hi, when exporting a car created in Automation to BeamNG through the exporter tool there are a set of parameters that get generated in the camso_engine.jbeam file for:

“inertia”:0.054652360692665, //(kg*m/s^2)
“friction”:8.1530900735491, //Constant friction torque (Nm)
“dynamicFriction”:0.031045868223259, //Friction torque that increases with engine speed (Nm/rad/s)

I am able to “export” an engine from Automation to Assetto Corsa using the data stored in the sandbox_openbeta.db plus the variables above (by doing this). I was wondering if it would be possible for you to share how the above numbers are generated based on the engine parameters used to create the engine in Automation? The motivation being that it would then be possible to perform an engine “export” to AC without needing to have to put the engine into a dummy car just to get the parameters generated as part of the beamNG export process. In an ideal world it would be very useful if the parameters that get calculated for the .jbeam were stored within the EngineResults table in sandbox_openbeta.db but I appreciate that might be more effort on your part.

Thanks for reading