Engine red line too low

I chose dual overhead cam and 16 valves per cylinder with 100 cam profile on an engine with the same bore and stroke as the R1 motorcycle, 78 bore and 52.2 stroke. This game says it gets valve float around 8600 rpm, where’s the real R1 engine redlines at 15k RPM, this engine I made should easily climb and produce horsepower up to 12k RPM.

This again? This game is for car engines, the valve train of a R1 uses a ultra compact and lightweight setup utilizing a type of rocker arm that allows a higher level of valve lift than a normal dohc setup. You are able to recreate some bike engines, but these high end ones are way beyond the scope of the game’s calculations, and purpose.

Yepp, different valvetrain setup/tech that’s not available in the game and won’t be in the game either.

thanks for clearing that up