Engine replicas

I tried to replicate this engine carfolio.com/specifications/ … ?car=94655 Alfa Romeo 1300cc year 1966
I am noob so I dont’ know so much about perfomance index, responsiveness and so on, so tell me please where I could improve it, thanks

alfa 1300 year 1966 - stock.lua (34.1 KB)

Great job! Is this your first replica? I don’t pay attention to performance index or responsiveness when making replicas. I did a little research on the engine specs and found the car actually has a 7000rpm redline. The reliability seems a little low. I’m not sure what kind of reliability that car has in real life though. That’s one thing I pay attention to when I make replicas (Along with fuel Octane). Do you mind giving a download link? I would say a little more but I have to go. I’d like too see more!

Alfa Romeo? Reliability? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

ah really? thanks, and yes, it’s my first attempt. I’m thinking to make a car company as many of you here, the first car should use this engine, also in a tuned version, but I have not so much time to dedicate to this game, so if it will happen, times are far, I’m thinking also about the story for this company, but for now I want to make some engines.
Yes I can, link for download in the first post
so, a good reliability what could be?

ah, do you think Alfa Romeo engines in the sixties had a poor reliability? I’m italian but I don’t know so much about that time, in the 66 I was a child of 7 years old, but I could ask, a friend of mine is a fan of vintage cars and motorbikes

Fiat 1600cc year 1967
feedback welcome, I’d like to learn this game
carfolio.com/specifications/ … ?car=51953

fiat 1600 year 1967 - stock.lua (32.4 KB)