Engine Size Issue

In the new build you seem to have made it impossible to select an engine that doesn’t fit, unlike before. Unfortunately this is causing a problem where if you have a variant of the engine that is taller or wider than your others and won’t fit where the others will and is the default selection when choosing a family, you are then unable to use that family.

That should not be the case though? If one or more variants fit then the color should be yellow, allowing you to select engines that do fit. Does that not work?

No, if the default variant doesn’t fit, it doesn’t let me select any others.

I found a similar situation, I had an engine family that could fit (was yellow) but all my variants were red. I had to go to the engine designer and make the smallest variant I could (using either tubular headers or cast log headers) and name it something like “100” to make it the “default” engine alphabetically. Then I could get the engine family into my body. Lastly, I made a new variant cloned off the “100” so I could tune it for the car.