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Engine tuning question

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

In the area I circled, what does that dead space mean, if anything

? Some of my engines have that dead space and some dont, meaning that the power and torque line start at 0 rpm.

Do you know engines idles?

They have a minimum rev limit to avoid stalling for example.


Yes I know about idling. So I guess my question is, is that dead space normal or am I doing something wrong?

Entirely normal.

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You can read on the lower axis the unit of measurement and deduct why It doesn’t go all the way to the left!

That’s the space between 0RPM and 1000RPM or so. The lines start at your engine idle speed, and everything to the left is below idle speed- basically if the engine is there it will stall (or it is starting, and being pushed by the starter motor), so there’s no power output.


That’s cool. I was thinking that I was missing out on power output with that dead space.

Thanks everyone for the clarification because I was really racking my brain trying to figure that out.

That’s not entirely true about engine idle speed; it is part of it sure, but not everything. A lot of why engines idle at the speed they do has to do with stuff like maintaining adequate engine oil pressure, emissions and accessory loads, specifically air conditioning and electrical generation. Most modern engines can idle quite happily at much lower speeds than they are set to idle at, from a minimum power perspective at least.