Engineer Pass, Colorado

An off-road track, with a very bumpy surface and lots of changes in camber and altitude.
It is based in the Engineer pass in colorado, CR18 (only an excerpt). It was made to be the test track for the Popular Automobile review thread. More info to come in revised versions.

Engineer Pass (1.4 MB)


I could see plenty of uses for this stretch of dirt road. Apart from assessing a car’s off-road capability, it could be used as a rally stage. Speaking of which, why not make it available in both directions? Currently it is only available as what amounts to a hill climb, since it goes eastbound, but a westbound version going downhill would be just as nice.

That will be pretty cool, but as Howler discovered some weeks ago, the current track system can’t manage downhills properly, it will crash the game :pensive:

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