England's Simple Sunroof Guide

Welcome to a simple, but effective technique for making cars look more detailed, let’s get started!

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Sunroof guide

I'll be using my Canyon truck for this demonstration

As you can see, with one sunroof it doesn't really look that imaginative, does it?

This is what you're going to do:

Get a second sunroof and place it behind the other one

That already looks much better! Nevertheless, I am still going to show you some more tricks

Take bumper bars, make them plastic and lay them out on the outside of the roof (I would not recommend doing this on a sporty coupe or anything like that)

There we go! We are now finished!

Good luck with your designs!


Question, will this also work with three sunroofs?



This is a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing solution to making a sunroof than just adding a single panel. Enough said.

But will it work with four? That’s the real question


What about panoramic sunroofs? Can I just overlap the two?

I think using patchwork instead would be easier, and overlapping them kinda defeats the purpose, but sure!

Ok, joking aside, that’s a nice little bit of advice, but it would be way more visible in the general design tips thread that already exists, so at least linking it there would be a good idea.


weight reduction though

i’ll end your suffering once and for all


I think I’ll just cover the whole car, why not