Entire PC turns off when opening photomode

The title says it all really. Whenever I open photomode, my entire PC turns off, before turning back on. It’s the only game that does it, and I don’t know why.

I would suggest giving out your PC specs for this problem. A power and/or heat issue involving the GPU is my guess. Photomode is pretty intense for the GPU and puts mine at 99% under certain settings.


Well, I’ve got an Intel I5 6700K, an XFX Radeon R9 390X, and it’s all air cooled…

I guess the first question is: Do you have an i5-6600k or an i7-6700k? I suppose it really doesn’t matter, as they both are from 2015 and both list a TDP of 91W. Your graphics card is 275W, so maybe you see where I’m going with this?

The next question will be: What are you running for a PSU (brand, certification, wattage), and is anything overclocked?

PC shutdowns most often are hardware related, and as I already stated, the photomode in this game can be pretty intensive on the GPU. A weak/underrated PSU or an old GPU would not react well under those circumstances. Pushing the GPU can make it exceed the rated 275W before the PSU will shut it down. The older the card is, the more likely it is to happen when pushed. I’m sure you already know all of this, but just in case you didn’t…

EDIT: For clarity, the wattage overrun generates additional voltage, which in turn generates additional heat which the cooling fan may not be able to dissipate. The PSU can have the same issue.

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This could also be due to insufficient case cooling. Dumping a lot of heat into a case with insufficient airflow, or worse, airflow dead-zones inside can cause other components to overheat.

Also, if you haven’t cleaned out the dust, that can clog up heatsinks and absolutely murder your cooling performance.

As for how I know these things, I have a desktop that currently needs a few new parts to fix a dead-zone behind my disk drives, and a serious dust removal, because otherwise, it shuts down in normal operation.

Also, depending on the brand, wattage rating, and age of your computer’s power supply, it’s possible that it can’t handle what your hardware is trying to draw from it.

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Does this happen for you when you run at a lower resolution scale setting (graphics option in the main menu)? Also, what screen resolution are you running?