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Erin Motor Company - New Supremacy hypercar

Oh I thought tDi the D meant diesel

Nah, the D is for ‘Direct’. Don’t mind me stealing VAG’s engine terminology :wink:

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Effortless class :heart_eyes: I’d have the 5.3 straight six in a dark blue if i had the money.


And how you fit A 5.3L I6 In That Wow!

@Holts The classic automotive art of shoehorning :laughing: God help you if ever want to do an engine swap though…

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2017 Erin Aventa Revera Design Concept

A special collaborative project between Erin and Revera to create a sharper, faster version of the Aventa luxury limousine. Revera conducted a restyling and reworking of the car from the inside out, combining the design styles of the two companies to stunning effect.

The 5.8l V12 that powers the Super Aventa has been turbocharged and tuned to produce 725 hp, whilst the suspension and brakes have all been updated. Extra aero work means that the car now only tops out at a mere 217 mph, but it’s now far more nimble and agile at lower speeds.

The Lead Designer at Revera had this to say:

The Aventa Revera Design Concept will be on display at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. 10 road going examples of the car will be produced.

Thank you very much to @asdren for suggesting this collab and designing the car (and making these fantastic photoshops!)


Honestly, I’m struggling to think of a crazier luxury car than this in terms of performance - or a better-looking one, inside or out! It’s a pity that so few production examples will be made, but this is a car whose USP is primarily based on exclusivity.

Stunning design and fantastic photoshop. What a design to behold !!

them taillights… <3


Erin ClassicSport Concept

Revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the ClassicSport concept celebrates Erin’s prestigious sports car history and hints at where we’re going next. 60 years since the first Erin sports car went in to production, we look at how far we’ve come as a car maker with a retro-themed concept car, flourished with modern touches.

Full post here.


Here’s to 60 more.


Happy birthday, Erin! We hope we can see you at the tracks, roads and showrooms for many years to come :wink:


That’s… Just a beatiful idea. And an honour to be included. Thank you, and happy birthday Erin! :slight_smile:

:tada: :birthday::tada:


Needs moar Saminda, preferably with flames for emphasis :stuck_out_tongue:


@phale I would have included them, had they had a high quality image of their badge

cough @Starfish94 cough

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I was pretty sure we battled, but ok.

Oh man. Oh man. How could I forget?! WSC throughout the 1970s and 80s, the engine partnership with the Berlose Statesman in the 2000s…

I hope the changes I’ve made can make up for my incompetence! I do apologise.

Youre going to need a much bigger photo with all the people youve battled :stuck_out_tongue:

Also cough Merciel cough :wink:

Happy 60th birthday Erin! Let’s hope that the next 60 years bring us many more cars to remember… For all the right reasons.

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@Dorifto_Dorito Shit! And you’ve got the new logo an everything.

Look ok guys maybe the advert needs to be reworked a little, hint at the fact that this is just a “representative sample” of companies Erin has competed with