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2017 Automation EOTY Awards

There were many blank spots, but unfortunately we were not able to quite cover everything that, well, should have been in there. I was so busy I didn’t have time to even think about what possibly hadn’t been nominated yet so I could make sure it was included, and therefore, such things as the Drift tourney and several GBF cars went completely unmentioned.

Also why is Znopresk nominated for performance company and not common car company :joy: lol. I take it that this includes subsidiary BMMA.


Final voting is now available! Please vote only once. Some options have already been determined and thus are being excluded from the final voting process.


Entered my name, saw a thank you for voting sign. Can’t vote :joy: this how elections in Russia work


@titleguy1 I accidentally ‘‘filled in’’ this vote when I was skipping through them last night, can I get mine reset?

This ^
I thought the same.

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somebody forgot to finish this lol

Thanks to @DeusExMackia for this wonderful banner!

Hello everyone! Here are the results of this year’s awards!

Best Car Company (Common)
With 44% of all the votes, the well-deserved award goes to…
@Rk38 and Maesima!

Best Car Company (Luxury)
48% votes were given to this company for the best luxury car company. Put your hands up for…
@Leonardo9613 and Bonham!

Best Car Company (Performance)
Don’t act like you didn’t know who’d win this; of course, it’s…
@strop and Gryphon Gear!

Car Of The Year (A-Segment to D-Segment Common)
Returning for it’s second consecutive win, barely edging out the Adenine Valence…
@Leonardo9613 and the ever-so loved Baltazar Quasar!

Car Of The Year (Luxury)
Smashing the competition with daring style and British substance is…
@DeusExMackia and the stunning Erin Aventa Revera Design Concept!

Car Of The Year (Performance)
Again, the master of obscene supercars seizes another award…
@strop and the Gryphon Gear Jormungandr!

Truck of the Year
Crushing the competition with over 60% of all votes is…
@Awildgermanmanappears and @squidhead with the Monolith-KHT S340D Blitz!

Most “WTF” Car of the Year
Well, naturally, the awards are well-deserved. Thus…
@CNCharger and the 2019 Calvinator Super Wagon!

Worst Car Company
Oh, he’s back for seconds, isn’t he?
@CNCharger Calvinator Auto Corp!

Most Impressive Car
An extremely close vote, with only 2 votes separating first and the tied second place finishers…
@strop and @rk38 with the GBF Bellua “GG” Competizione!

Most Dedicated/Developed Car Company
One vote was all it took for Erin to lose this to the absolutely deserving…
@Rk38 and Maesima!

Best New Car Company (Forum Member must have joined in 2017)
Smashing the competition with daring style and British substance is…
@Mr.Computah and superemely improved Contendiente!

Best Advertisement
A photoshop master wields his sword yet again, this time in the form of…
@Rk38 with the GBF Viato 1600!

Most Realistic Car Company
The first stalemate of the day comes with two company giants…
@Rk38 and Maesima and @Starfish94Saminda!

Best Car Designer (Considering all cars this person has designed)
A 52% majority of the votes goes to the one and the only @Rk38!

Best Car Creator (Considering all cars this person has engineered)
The person named best car creator this year is @phale!

Most Friendly/Most Helpful Member
Another close race, beating out @DeusExMackia by 2 votes is @Killrob!

Best New Member (Must have joined in 2017)
A big round of applause to @Mr.Computah who was unanimously named the year’s best new member!

Best Modder (Not Moderator!)
The best modder this year was named to be @dukeaccent, closely beating out @thecarlover!

Best Challenge/Competition
Another tie goes to @strop for the long-running Car Shopping Round and @Mr.Computah for the [url=http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/the-great-automation-run-chapter-8/22228]Great Automation Run![url]

Best Automation Picture (Photoshopped or not)
@Rk38 wins again with the stunning GBF Bellisa!

The “Golden Cock” Award
An unexpected turn of events shows @CNCharger to have not won this award; instead, we provide the “Golden Cock” to @laffinghyena and his lore rant!

Best Quote
A tie we must see again in the form of image and image. Congratulations, then, to @Ornate, @Rk38, and @strop!

Best Car Company Thread
Beating out Rennen by a single vote is @DeusExMackia with Erin!

Funniest Moment
The return of @CNCharger was given majority vote as the funniest moment this year!

Best Community Member Car
Congratulations to @adamd and his 2CV for winning the best community member car!

Most Ludicrous Claim
The most ludicrous claim goes like this: "A review from a private 3rd party just yesterday that has asked to remain anomynous. “Nothing has been as great as Calvinator over the years.”

Good job, @CNCharger!

Best Community Magazine
The best community magazine goes none other to our favorite @DeusExMackia as Gavin Anderson for Splendid Auto Monthly!

Best Community Artist
A near-tie, the artist who came out in front over @Rk38 is none other than yours truly, @titleguy1!

I hope everyone enjoyed the awards ceremony this year, and thank you all for tuning in! Have a wonderful new year, and may 2018 be even more spectacular than last year!


Thank you everybody for the love you’ve shown Contendiente! :sob:

And a special congratulations to @Rk38 for that incredible GBF Bellisa photoshop, @strop for doing it again with GG, @DeusExMackia for their victory in the luxury car of the year category and @Leonardo9613 for winning the best luxury company!


Massive congratulations to all those who won awards this year and an even bigger thanks to all and anyone who voted for Erin in any of the votes, it means so much to win Luxury Car of the Year. However, I must give a big thank you to @asdren who styled the Aventa Revera Design Concept and also did the stunning photoshops, he really ought to be the one getting congratulated here!

It also means so much to win Best Community Magazine, Gavin is certainly very pleased to have won the award. He’ll be back soon enough to keep on reviewing.

I know this might not be the most pleasant thing to read at this time in the year if your work wasn’t recognised or voted for, and please forgive me for sounding patronising here, but do not feel downtrodden or saddened by this. It’s not just a case of “there’s always next year”, it’s about the fact that we are a community, and a community inherently relies on what its members put in to keep it going.

Instead, be inspired. Aim high, don’t settle for good enough. Teach yourself how to photoshop, ask for criticism and improvements, go and run a competition if you have a spare few weeks, collaborate with another user and make some revolutionary car project that leaves everyone else going “Woah”.

No two years are the same here, be the one to make 2018 unique.


This is CNCharger. I am here to announce that Calvinator has been freed of its Royal Motors dominated Staff (they went defunct over quality 15 cars and making Calvinator follow suit), Calvinators can once again be reasonably priced, and no certifcates required (we were lobbying since the 80’s to force not just the Nollusian Government, but even Gasmea to drop the law and punishments (we hated the certificates)), and our buyers, Rosin Auto rebuilt 10 of every model we ever built, and found them to meet atleast 4 of 5 stars in safety standards (till 2005, when Royal upped quality standards) (we failed emissions). We at now RCAC (Rosin Calvinator Auto Corp or RosCal) hope to bring Calvinator to a new era.

Royal brand was replaced by RosCal
DeLorean was sold
Yugo…was dissolved. We found out that while Calvinator was dead, the Yugo company president and staff that took over were involved in some very dark interests.
Calvinator will be a high production car company like it was prior to 1995.
CRM will be a new brand
CNRT will be merged into CRM (we only need one racing team, and CNRT made specialty cars like P1s and F1s)
SuperWagon will be altered, but maintain its power.
Front Drivetrain airbag ignitors will be dropped
There will be a new package for Model C, Miara, Bruiser and Superwagon similar to Hellcat.
Predator Trucks and SUVs are their own brand now.
Max Quality of ALL RCAC products will not exceed 3 without permission of the Board.

Oh, and there will be a new Miara Roadster and MiarE Coupe

Any Questions?


Yes Ive got a question. Whats the point of the new forum account. Or are you just someone posing as CNC because you think its funny?

I am CNC, my original account got locked up. I am not kidding.

I am also on Steam, were accounts can be ignored or blocked, but I have decided to give this place a second chance if it will give me a second chance.

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We can give you a second chance

So when are we going to see the 2020 SuperWagon?

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Tomfoolery aside, I’d like to join in to congratulate the winners aforementioned and express my gratitude for the nomination, I’m more than happy enough that someone appreciates it/me. What I grew to love about this amazing community is the recognition, support, time and love they will give out in massive spoonfuls to anyone that displays a hint of wanting to contribute or getting along. It’s been a year of a lot of ups and downs both on the Automation side with the recent sandbox wipe or the frustration with slow progress to real life events for us all… but we did it. Look, we survived another year. No matter who you are, where you live, what colour or shape you are, you’re accepted into this community of kind, funny and passionate community. And for that I must say again, a thousand thanks for being yourselves and making me a part of this. So then, here’s to another year where we’ll strive together to reach new heights and topple new hurdles. Here’s to another year of kicking ass.


Thanks to everyone who voted for the Quasar to win for a second time in a row and who prompted Bonham in its first year to the title of best premium company. The acceptance the company has had since its establishment in the first semester of the year has been nothing short of amazing.
Congratulations to all other winners, and that 2018 is an even better year.


This may surprise some and will most definetely come off as whiny, but I don’t consider this a valid decision. I cannot accept the fact that a one-off marketing gimmick made in 2016 wins a category that by all accounts should be reserved for production vehicles. With @squidhead’s consent I’d like to pass the 2017 Truck of the Year award to the Saminda Tonaro.


Oh! Thanks guys! But hey, it’s just accent here on the forums.


The things you listed seem… sane and… reasonable. Are you sure you’re you? :smiley:

@awildgermanappears - yeah, sure I don’t mind handing the truck of the year prize over. It was a marketing stunt anyways, not like it can be used. Well, OK, the 400hp engine trim can actually be chiptuned into a regular car without any actual mechanical changes (IIRC), but other than that it’s a dedicated racecar :smiley:

Wow, okay. Thanks for all the support to my design work and big thanks for voting for Maesima! To retain our title as best common car company while receiving these new awards it’s tremendous. (edit: special thanks to @strop for giving the GBF Bellua an amazing interior and performance I could only dream about!)

But all these awards wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t have such a great and supportive community to appreciate and make all the hard work worth it. So I’d like to congratulate all the other winners this year and of course thank everyone who was nominated, voted or just helps make this community great.

It’s been a huge year, a year of transition for some from Kee to UE4. It has produced some impressive vehicles and very fun challenges. Plus some great and hilarious moments.

Now as we enter a new year with the slate wiped clean (sigh Thanks, UE4 update). I’m looking forward to seeing things rise to new heights as we discover and untangle all the intricacies of the new UE4 engine.


I’m honoured to receive your votes. There were actually quite a few notable contributions from members new and old (much more than myself, frankly), and it’s good to see some of these acknowledged. I haven’t had as much time to develop the company story this year with a few exceptions, and definitely relied on teaming up with a few people to enhance the impact (special shout-out to Rk38 for the collabs and doing the major legwork on the shops).

Hopefully UE4 will be ironed out next year, because then the content will definitely come to higher and higher standards!


Well, when you create Saminda, but make it un-boring by not axing all your good sportscars, this is the result you get.

I am a potato, i am an Eastender of Chernobyl, I’m light magenta and I am M1 Abrams shaped. I am a sort of living proof that this statement is true.