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2019 Calvinator Super Wagon


Here is the all new Calvinator Super Wagon. This new Minivan is designed for the offroad adventure. It can go 265 mph and has almost 2000 BHP.

here is the download
CNCharger - Super Wagon.zip (30.7 KB)

-1925 BHP
-Top Speed:
–Offroad 4x4: 265 mph
–S: 261 mph
–Offroad 4x4: 0-60 @ 5.5sec
–S: 0-60 @ 2.8 sec

These vehicles were designed to compete with the Chrysler Pacifica Hellcat.

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here is the Standard Trim. A little slower for some reason, but much better acceleration.
CNCharger - Super Wagon.zip (40.0 KB)
It might also have the Offroad with that package.


oh christ what is that


world’s fastest minivans


but why the fuck even


As I said, to compete with Chrysler’s Pacifica SRT Hellcat (which is also a minivan, but goes 180 mph).


A truly beautiful machine, an engineering marvel even. Praise be CNC.


Thanks Microwave




on its way now


#A Motoring Man’s Meanderings

###Review: Calvinator Superwagon Offorad 4x4
“We need not stick to any rules or guidelines for making cars when we are already the masters of our craft!”

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

That was so funny. Thanks for the review. You should try the S trim. It has a bit different gearing.


Maybe I will. Gavin is a busy man, I’ll see what he can do.


Thanks Dues. The new look is because the original Super Wagon looked kinda dull. Kinda like someone who needed some adrenaline.


Hey CNC, heres competition. Its a 1978 offroad truck that has 380hp, and still goes round faster than your “Super” Wagon


You’ve got rear downforce. That’s cheating.:slight_smile:


My cars have no rear downforce. The key engine version of the game makes cars faster without rear downforce.



I am confused too. It’s probably my computer.


Actually, as much as the Kee engine version of the game can be unstable for different users, it’s probably not that. Your cars probably tolerate having heaps of lift because they weigh as much as a minibus, but that’s not to say that if you actually tried driving them in real life, they’d realistically reach that speed without almost certainly careening off the runway. The game just lets you think that because the car is being driven by a simulation which assumes perfectly level ground with no wind and a driver that can keep the car in a perfectly straight line, but there’s no such thing as that in real life.

Try putting that much power in a much lighter car, you’ll find that the test starts having to be aborted or the top speed is surprisingly lower, because the wheels start losing contact with the ground. That’s when downforce actually lets your car go faster.