Erostiamotor Incorporated


Erostiamotor was started by John and Marlin Erostia in 1978. Their cars are known for their reliability and technology, and are sold internationally (although the only country in which they are a major car manufacturer is their native Krossen).

Vehicles I have actually been bothered to create

Erostiamotor Malmö | Compact SUV

Erostiamotor Roadster Concept | Electric supercar concept [0-60 in 1.998 sec, 333 mile range]

Erostiamotor Joule EV | Electric hatchback [235 mile range]

Vehicles that are not here but coming soon

  • Erostiamotor Micro | Two-seater compact car
  • Erostiamotor Oslo | Good ol sedan
  • Erostiamotor Helsinki | Minivan
  • Erostiamotor Reykjavik | Pickup
  • Erostiamotor Tampere | Sporty coupe
  • Erostiamotor Copenhagen | Borderline supercar

All Erostiamotor cars are available in Jet Black, Matte Black*, Gunmetal Gray*, White, Silver, Red, Yellow*, Lime, Electric Blue, and Brutal Blue*.
*on select models


I think we’d all like some more Info on the models, and also more pics (front side rear), also, try to put more details on the cars, (the Malmo’s lights are too simple, and are not well placed)

As above.

Also, is coloquially shorting the name to Erostia correct? :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. I will look at all the specs and post them here in a spoiler.
  2. Ah yes. I might refresh the Malmo soon if there is a better SUV body I can use.

Nah, just do EM.

  1. That’s not what I mean, p much all your models lack detail, they are too simple. I really don’t mean to be rude or anything, but the fixtures you use arent positioned very well, and not sized correctly :sweat_smile:
    The roadster concept lacks a grille and even if it is an electric car, take example on Tesla, they dont add “grilles”, but do add details to make their cars less “monotone”.
    I hope that what I wrote will help :slightly_smiling_face:

The malmo reminds me of a juke sort of :slight_smile:
Edit: Nissan Juke…