Error in update 23.11.2020 (open beta)

[rus] 23.11.2020 игра вылетела и обновилась на 1гб, после перестала подключаться к Steam, из-за этого некоторые моды покрыты черными материалами. При этом в фото сцене всё работает.

[eng] 23.11.2020 the game crashed and updated to 1 GB, then stopped connecting to Steam, because of this, some mods are covered with black materials. At the same time, everything works in the photo scene.

Restarting the steam and computer doesn’t help
Running through the launcher doesn’t help

Did you try verifying the game files?

Also, I don’t think there are many people here who both can help and know Russian.

Thats a known bug, it doesn’t affect anything just ignore it.

As for this, its a lighting issue that should be fixed in an upcoming hotfix

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Here are additional screenshots

I’ve had the exact same problem, but it has had no effect on my end either.