Essa Cars 1976-present

Welcome to Essa Cars!

We started all the way back to 1976. We ended up being tossed between different owners and companies, and our starting country was Agemanlia (doesn’t actually exist), however, at the moment, we are partnered with Cita Cars from Finland, and offer cheaper editions of their cars, but we do have some originals to offer as well. You might see some flashbacks to our older cars.

Let us know what you think!

We’ll start this off with the Essa Trailer, from 1995.

The trailer was an all wheel drive family hatchback, that cost around 23,000€ if you convert it from the native currency and turned it into modern euro taking into consideration all of the inflation and deflation. So cheap quality, considering this particular one was from the years when Essa was a volkswagen audi group sub-brand, but only for around two years.