Evans Waterless Coolant

I watched a youtube video on Jay Lenos page, and saw a video about a waterless coolant. Apparently it doesn’t cause boil overs, overheating, corrosion, and lasts the life of the engine! At $40 a gallon its a little pricey, but I bought 4 gallons for my 59 Buick (because she only gets the best :smiley: ). Has anyone ever heard of it?


Seems legit, though there seems to be some reports of it corroding aluminum, and possibly running higher head temps due to less heat conducting properties than a traditional coolant.

My friend uses it in his Traction Avant and seems to think it’s pretty good stuff.

How much is it for that 2 gallons of Prep Fluid it says you have to flush the system with?

Waste of time except in very specific circumstances.

I don’t think so. If you have a vintage car last thing you want to do is custom fabricate a water pump thats impossible to replace. Plus no overheating, no water based corrosion, and life of the car coolant. I am converting my new 70 Buick 455 to this stuff. Then I won’t have to worry about cooling problems ever again (hopefully)