Everything here is just wrong

Oh ho hum, its a Chevy Cavalier, there’s not millions of these over here in the states…


Yes, thats a 2.2 litre ecotec that came stock, with an eaton blower that did not. Its also on Tien coil overs with pillowball upper mounts, and has an addco rear swaybar. I tuned it using HP Tuners, which was a struggle due to the limitations of the stock computer. I’m putting in the exhaust tomorrow, Pacesetter midlength header for the Cobalt SS, high flow Cat, Classic Chambered Powerstick resonator and a Hooker Headers Max Flow muffler. All 3 inch. Its going to end in a black painted turn down. No need to detract from the sleeper status I have.
Plans for the future include swapping to the 2.4 litre LE5 bottom end ported head, cams, bigger heat exchanger for the blower and running an AEM EMS4 standalone. Shooting for 400 hp with that build.

I also auto-x it with the SCCA, these pics are before I got the rear swaybar on.


I like it, bet it goes rather well! :slight_smile: