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"Premium. Standard."

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Welcome to Evgenis Automobiles. Here you will be able to find all the presentations of brand-new models to the Evgenis range, as well as an introduction to past models that have laid the path to the current-day company. This is an ongoing project, please make sure to check back again in the future for updates!

Evgenis Automobiles

Evgenis Automobiles is a British-based car manufacturer, based near Sevenoaks, Kent. Our products are designed with one key ethos in mind, “Premium, standard.” We make sure that our customers’ input is our top priority. What a customer desires in a certain category of vehicle is certainly what we shall offer them, while staying true to our brand ethos. We’re not the kind of car company that is going to be cutting corners, meaning there is also no characteristic in our offerings that is prioritised, be it performance, quality, fuel efficiency, driving experience etc. as we strive to do the best in every way we can and offer a truly magnificent, high-quality product.

History of the Company

July 1961. Another charming day in the fantastic Kentish countryside of the UK. Leonard Thomas was holding the final meeting with a number of experts who were finalising the last details in order to finally set up the company that his friends and himself had dreamt of forming for a entire year prior to this date. It finally came true: Evgenis Automobiles

The company started up as a joint effort between numerous ex-employees of other British marques, including Jaguar, Rover, Ford UK and more who had joined together in an attempt to create a British brand that would stay true to the qualities and values of the British automotive industry, while offering an excellent blend of affordability and the best in British luxury. Leonard Thomas was appointed CEO of the company prior to the company being created in an agreement between the co-owners of the company, including Lawrence Schwartz (ex-Jaguar), David Jones (ex-Rover), Phillip Robinson (ex-Ford), and Leonard Thomas himself (also ex-Jaguar).

Although the company was formed in 1961, it wasn’t until 1964 when their first product hit the market - the fabled, first-generation Evgenis Valkyrie, which went on to launch the company into almost immediate success thanks to great innovation and levels of engineering and quality not seen in cars of this segment, creating a stir within the industry and leading to Evgenis being regarded as pioneers of the British motoring industry. Over the course of the remainder of the 60s, Evgenis launched a number of new, more luxurious and more expensive vehicles to really attract the upmarket buyer, including the Basilisk, Pegasus, Typhon and Falcon.

With the arrival of the 1970s, the British car industry started to appear to be taking a slight downwards turn. The arrival of very competitive foreign offerings from across Europe and the Japanese markets made increased competition in an already failing market. Evgenis was quick to adapt to these changing times, and although the company was still being referred to as being amongst the very best in quality, desirability and engineering, the models being offered were quickly becoming dated and the newer offerings from overseas were hurting sales. The early 70s saw the arrival of a new-generation Valkyrie, as well as significant updates to the existing lineup of luxurious models that brought the necessary changes to keep Evgenis from going under. Of course, things couldn’t stop there though.

Heading into the latter half of the 70s, Evgenis unveiled their bold move to add a utilitarian but upmarket off-roader to the offerings, boasting its excellent capabilities and extreme ruggedness. This was, of course, a clear indication that Evgenis wanted a slice of the pie that the Range Rover was enjoying, which turned out to be a good move as other manufacturers quickly joined the trend. The late-70s also saw the arrival of new-generation models and the arrival of the Valkyrie hatchback due to increasing demand for this body style. Despite the difficulties of the times, Evgenis remained strong.

The 80s were a slightly more difficult time for Evgenis. It was becoming apparent that the company was possibly sticking to true to its guns and hadn’t really innovated the lineup in quite some years, simply modernising and bring out new-generation of existing models. Before long, Evgenis was starting to lose some of the reputation it had built up for being innovative and brilliantly engineered since other car manufacturers were offering what Evgenis could, sometimes better and sometimes for less. Little changed with the arrival of the first-generation commercial vehicle, named the “Manticore” in 1982, as fewer businesses were interested in paying a premium for something to haul cargo around, although sales were still reasonable.

Although Evgenis stuck to the existing lineup of vehicles throughout the decade, by the mid-80s Evgenis launched a very strong campaign to get the company back on the right track by launching brand-new generation models that were more revolutionary than evolutionary. Evgenis wanted to be up there with the premium German brands that were becoming ever more popular, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The attempt was incredibly successful, renewing the dwindling desirability that the company was starting to lose and putting Evgenis back on the map.

Evgenis didn’t stop here though, the late-80s was a very intense time for future vehicles being added to the brand, and for the first time in over two decades, two brand-new passenger vehicles were planned to be added to the lineup for the turn of the decade. As the 90s arrived, Evgenis announced the arrival of the Nemean (launched 1990), which became the smallest and most affordable car in the lineup, as well as the Geryon (launched 1991), adding another vehicle to the off-roader lineup but as a super-luxurious offering that made even the Range Rover feel cheap. The Roc, the existing off-roader, had got a name for itself for being virtually indestructible and hugely dependable, so over the years prior to the launch of the Geryon the Roc shifted more towards this than being a premium offering.

The 90s also saw the long-standing CEO of Evgenis Leonard Thomas, retire and step down from his position which was passed on to the executive vice at the time Michael Shields. He remained CEO of the company up until the year 2010 when he too retired.

The 90s didn’t end there for Evgenis. In fact, Evgenis experienced many years of fast growth even though the British car industry in general had almost come to a complete halt due to the failings of long-standing brands that either disappeared or got purchased by other companies. New-generation models were frequent, and the latter half of the decade saw the arrival of the Sphinx (launched 1996) and Orthros (launched 1998) people carriers (MPVs), as well as the experimental Chimera city car (launched 1997). Although the majority of the models offered by Evgenis went from strength to strength, the experimental premium people carriers and city car didn’t sell as well as the other models in the lineup, with all three models being removed in the mid-00s.

Continued economic growth and a brand that was considered one of the go-tos across the globe, Evgenis entered the 00s with high hopes and, although the more experimental models were axed, the existing lineup saw new generations and variants to expand to an ever-growing market. 2003 saw the arrival of the Cerberus, an upmarket pseudo-offroader that targeted the likes of the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML that had more of a focus on being comfortable road cars than outright offroad performance (the rise of crossovers aaaah!)

With the arrival of the economic crash in 2007/08, Evgenis did see a significant slowdown and some more extravagant variants of existing models were removed in order to simplify the lineup. The company had already started to restructure the brand with plans to introduce a number of SUVs were in development as there appeared to be an ever-increasing demand for them, which was considered a bold move later on when the economic crash occurred. The first arrived in 2007, the second in 2008, both of which took the names of the axed MPVs from the 90s (Sphinx and Orthros), rivalling the likes of the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 as well as smaller premium crossovers that these brands didn’t launch until some years later. These had a great deal more success and remain a part of the lineup to this day.

In 2010, Michael Shields stood down as CEO of the company and a vote was held. The result meant that the first female CEO was appointed: Sharon Karen Ramsbottom.

Throughout the 2010s, Evgenis continued to build itself and consolidate the reputation it had gathered over the decades. New-generation models brought back the innovation to Evgenis, as the company was often offering “world firsts” with technology and engineering, allowing the brand to become a favourite for almost everybody. The rise of crossovers meant that the company added the smaller Griffin crossover in 2015, which had immediate commercial success. Also, due to increased pressure to meet emissions targets, Evgenis began putting a strong focus on introducing electrification. In the present day and for the future, Evgenis is looking to expand massively in EV technology in the hopes to be fully-electrified to some extent by 2024 (not including mild-hybrids, target to be reached during 2021), and purely EV by 2030.

Current Lineup

Nemean (B-segment)| 5th generation (2018 - )
Valkyrie / Valkyrie Sedan & Wagon (C-segment) | 10th generation (2020 - )
Typhon (D-segment) | 8th generation (2019 - )
Basilisk (E-segment) | 7th generation (2018 - )
Pegasus (F-segment) | 6th generation (2019 - )
Griffin (B-segment SUV) | 1st generation (2015 - )
Sphinx (C-segment SUV) | 3rd generation (2019 - )
Orthros (D-segment SUV) | 2nd generation (2015 - )
Cerberus (E-segment SUV) | 3rd generation (2019 - )
Geryon (F-segment SUV) | 2nd generation (2016 - )
Roc (4x4) | 4th generation (2019 - )
Falcon (GT sports car) | 6th generation (2013 - 2020)
Manticore (Commercial) | 4th generation (2014 - )

This will be updated in the future to include links to the presentations of these models when they have been added.

Previous Models

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It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a thread dedicated to the long and storied history of Evgenis - a company that’s been around since the Kee era if I’m not mistaken. And it has such a diverse lineup to boot!

"Premium. Standard."

Although the current circumstances in which we are living in are difficult, Evgenis will not slow down. Today, we are proud to present the all-new, 10th generation Evgenis Valkyrie in its standard hatchback form as well as the first fully-electric version of this car, the Valkyrie EV.

Valkyrie & Valkyrie EV

Now in its tenth generation, the Valkyrie has become a renowned name within the brand. Its history dating back to the very first days of the creation of Evgenis in the 60s, during a time when the car was deemed the most innovative of the time. Innovation and exceptional engineering is exactly what the main focus of the development of the latest generation, meaning all the latest and greatest technology we offer, including some firsts within the company, will be featured in the Valkyrie.

Explore the drive

A wide range of engine choices will be available from launch, including engaging petrols, new-and-improved clean diesels, and electrified models. No matter what the engine you choose, all are capable of exceptional efficiency which allows for plenty of miles per gallon as well as smiles per gallon.

Consumer feedback from the previous generation model has shaped the driving experience of this new model, offering excellent composure and sublime ride comfort yet still offering the option to specify the “Advanced Handling Package” that converts the Valkyrie from a composed and comfortable cruiser into an engaging canyon carver.

Up to 200CV (150kW) upon launch
6 speed manual and 8 speed automatic transmissions available
All models achieve 5l/100km or better with mild-hybrid technology available on all engines

Explore the comfort

Most premium brands want you to pay extra for the pleasure of getting the most comfortable experience but Evgenis believes that no matter which version you choose, you should be able to experience the premium levels of comfort you are paying for. We don’t expect you to be climbing up the trim levels, in fact, we don’t offer different trim levels. The Valkyrie is purely a Valkyrie.

Extensive seat adjustment, high-tech seats that embrace you while being made from intelligent and high-quality materials that make any journey an absolute pleasure, plush materials in all the places you are going to be touching, and a variety of other features to make the cabin of the Valkyrie a true delight are all featured. An additional “Luxury Package” can be obtained, further improving the experience and adding the latest comfort-oriented technology and features usually only found on more expensive models, such as massaging seats, extended leather (choice of Nappa and vegan leather) and energizing systems.

Premium cloth, Alcantara, vegan-friendly leather, and Nappa leather all available
Up to 18-way adjustment available
A wide array of interior personalisation options availble

Explore the technology

We like to consider ourselves pioneers of advanced technology at Evgenis. This is why you can be assured that no matter which Evgenis you buy, a fantastic array of features are included to make the experience thoroughly enjoyable. All models include full digital cockpits, a 10” touchscreen infotainment system (now 4K resolution), rear-view parking camera, Evgenis SafetyCell assistance which includes lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, automatic high-beam assist for the standard-fit LED headlights, and so much more.

You’re looking for some seriously advanced technology? Maybe the “Advanced Technology Pack” is what you are looking for, adding adaptive cruise control with lane-centring assist, allowing for autonomous driving at level 2, multibeam LED headlights, surround-view cameras with automatic parking assist, a head-up display, a Bowers & Wilkins sound system, and much more. Surely this will tick every box you could dream of!

Most advanced standard technology in its class
Latest generation infotainment with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa
Features Evgenis Assistant with voice commands

Explore the design

Evgenis has made a bold statement with the new Valkyrie. All models feature the floating roof design and split glass roof as standard, truly elevating the upmarket experience in this car to a level no other premium manufacturer can offer. The Valkyrie carries over various elements of the current design language including our striking, pillar-mounted logo, the gloss-black strip at the rear featuring the car’s name in large lettering, sharp yet elegant headlights and more.

Personalisation is a key aspect we have found the majority of our consumers place highly when purchasing an Evgenis. We are continuing to keep committed to offering the greatest array of choices possible to make the car truly yours, including a huge choice of wheel designs with different finishes, nearly 20 different paint choices in various different finishes and a large array of colours from classic and elegant shades to vibrant and fun colours.

Evgenis Custom Collection availble for the ultimate custom experience
Wheel sizes ranging from 16” to 19”

Explore pure electric

Brand-new for this generation the Valkyrie and available from launch day, we are now offering a fully-electric model. We really do believe in a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly future, which is why we have invested billions into the development of batteries and electric vehicles. The Valkyrie EV is the latest in our electric offerings and gets all the latest discoveries and innovations we have made throughout our continued development.

Available solely with a potent 150kW motor powering the front wheels, exceptional battery management and utterly silent driving, the Valkyrie EV is quick, fun and relaxing to drive, and very easy to live with. It is also the very first car we offer that is capable of up to 300kW fast charging, with the hopes to develop systems in the future and include them in this car to allow for 1MW fast charging in the upcoming years. Evgenis is also working with renowned charing networks to further develop the fast-charging network across the globe and achieve it at a reasonable price.

80% charge in as little as 20 minutes
55kWh battery with 150kW motor
350km range according to the WLTP cycle

Details and Pricing

Engine Availability Price 0-100 km/h Horsepower Consumption
1.2T EU £23,995/28.495€ 10.5 s 125 4.5l/100km
1.6T EU, NA £24,995/29.995€/$28,000 9 s 160 4.6l/100km
2.0T EU, NA £26,995/32.495€/$30,000 7.5 s 200 4.3l/100km
EV EU, NA £34,995/42.000€/$37,500 8 s 201 16.5 kWh/100km
1.6TD EU £25,995/31.995€ 10 s 130 -
2.0TD EU £28,495/34.995€ 8 s 175 -

*Fuel consumption figures for petrol models according to some “unrealistic guidelines”. Real-world figures may vary.
*MHEV upgrade improves fuel consumption by 5-8%. Additional cost of £600/€750/$700
*All ICE models come standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox. 8-speed automatics are an optional extra costing £1,750/€2,000/$1,750.
*Optional Advanced Handling Package costs £1,200/€1,500/$1,400
*Optional Luxury Package costs £3,500/€4,250/$4,000
*Optional Advanced Technology Package costs £3,000/€3,750/$3,500

Orders for the Evgenis Valkyrie can be made now with deliveries expected in Q3 in all markets but depend on updates in the situation with COVID-19 worldwide.


For further imagery of the all-new Evgenis Valkyrie, please take a look here


“vegan-friendly leather” I see whatcha did there :wink:

Vegan synthetic leather is a thing, believe the Fisker Karma came standard with it.

Well yeah I understand that. It just caught me off guard and I decided to make a … joke with it.

Valkyrie Sedan & Wagon ~ Coming soon!

The Valkyie range will soon be expanding. More information regarding the new Evgenis Valkyrie sedan and wagon models will be coming very soon. Stay tuned!


"Premium. Standard."

Soon™ - After a longer than expected wait caused by continued delays as a result in broken links within production caused by the current global climate, Evgenis is now finally able to reveal the sedan and wagon variants of the popular and award-winning* Valkyrie, soon to be heading to a dealership near you (wagon variant only for European markets).

Valkyrie Sedan & Wagon

Following the hotly-anticipated announcement of the 10th generation Valkyrie, the technologically advanced and exceptional engineering can now be added to new variants of this car, offering great variety and choice to the buyer of this car. Need some more space? The wagon is what you need. Looking for a more svelte and engaging design? The sedan it is.

Discover the sedan

Those who are looking at a Valkyrie but perhaps wanted something more stylish and sleek would certainly be best looking at this model. Offering the same amount of internal passenger space as the hatchback, you can be assured that practicality has not been hampered. Unlike many premium sedans, folding rear seats are not an optional extra, and the large boot opening makes the saloon approach less of a problem as well. Boot capacity is up, and the premium feel is only boosted. Much like the hatchback, this too will be available in the complete range of petrol, diesel, mild-hybrid and electric powertrains.

Discover the wagon

Wagons don’t have to be the boring, mundane choice anymore. Style and flair certainly hasn’t been lost, and for those who find the hatchback doesn’t quite offer the space they were after, the wagon absolutely shines in this department. Offer classing leading passenger space and boot capacity with both the seats up and down, while also being offered with a number of features just to make your life easier, this also is the sensible choice. Adjustable boot floor, two-stage collapsible load cover (so it can be easily stored when not needed), multiple tethering points and hooks, 12V socket, levers for the folding seat in the boot, completely flat load bay with low load lip… The list truly is endless. Once again, all different powertrain options are available on this variant as well.

Details and Pricing


(add £1,250/€1,500/$1,000 to hatchback prices)
Engine Availability 0-100 km/h Horsepower Consumption
1.2T EU 10.5 s 125 4.4l/100km
1.6T EU, NA 9 s 160 4.5l/100km
2.0T EU, NA 7.5 s 200 4.3l/100km
EV EU, NA 8 s 201 16.2 kWh/100km
1.6TD EU 10 s 130 -
2.0TD EU 8 s 175 -


(add £1,750/€2,250 to hatchback prices)
Engine Availability 0-100 km/h Horsepower Consumption
1.2T EU 10.5 s 125 4.7l/100km
1.6T EU 9 s 160 4.8l/100km
2.0T EU 7.5 s 200 4.6l/100km
EV EU 8 s 201 16.8 kWh/100km
1.6TD EU 10 s 130 -
2.0TD EU 8 s 175 -

*Fuel consumption figures for petrol models according to some “unrealistic guidelines”. Real-world figures may vary.
*MHEV upgrade improves fuel consumption by 5-8%. Additional cost of £600/€750/$700
*All ICE models come standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox. 8-speed automatics are an optional extra costing £1,750/€2,000/$1,750.
*Optional Advanced Handling Package costs £1,200/€1,500/$1,400
*Optional Luxury Package costs £3,500/€4,250/$4,000
*Optional Advanced Technology Package costs £3,000/€3,750/$3,500

Orders for the Evgenis Valkyrie Sedan & Wagon can be made now with deliveries expected in Q4 in all markets but, as with the Valkyrie launch, depend on updates in the situation with COVID-19 worldwide.


For further imagery of the Evgenis Valkyrie Sedan & Wagon, please take a look here


I think this might be the first ever electric wagon. Nice car, the roof separation looks awesome.


It’s not quite the end for the Valkyrie just yet…

Valkyrie ES ~ Coming soon!

Up to 200hp not enough for you? You can be assured that the ES model takes that to another level. In fact, quite a considerably higher level. No seriously, this thing is quick. Hold onto your horses though, the launch will be coming very soon!


BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT ~ Evgenis to stop using Italian “luxury” leather suppliers immediately & considering move to only man-made leather by 2021

After talks with suppliers over workers’ rights of the highest-class leather available in Evgenis vehicles have fallen apart after months of constant talks during the COVID-19 crisis, Evgenis has decided to cut ties with all suppliers in this area, most of which are tanneries located in the area of Santa Croce Sull’Arno, due to no solution being agreed in order to guarantee a safe environment for its workers and assurance that workers are not being placed under absurd pressures, unrealistic weekly hours and miserable pay.

Evgenis had offered suppliers assistance in making sure these conditions were met as they felt that the security of all employees, including those who are subcontracted through other companies and suppliers, is of major importance. These tanneries and other leather-based industries are renowned for continuous and brutal violations of workers’ rights, most of which are African migrant workers who are they only ones who would accept such conditions and miserable pay in order to just “get by”. Months of talks in order to help bring their system into the 21st century and ensure things worked correctly got nowhere, and once authorities got involved over further information being revealed to them of the continuous negligence occurring in these places, they fell apart entirely as the companies felt Evgenis had sabotaged their business as many now could face criminal sentences.

In a statement from Evgenis CEO Sharon Ramsbottom: “It is imperative that whether the people working on elements of our vehicles are directly employed by Evgenis or employed through subcontractors in order to supply materials, all standards in safety, environmental impact and workers’ rights. Our suppliers of so-called “luxury” leather in Italy have managed to meet none of those criteria for as long as we have been using them, to the point where it was impossible to continue supporting these companies who should no signs of improving their situation, even after countless efforts by us to try and help them achieve this. Major corruption within the leather industry in this area meant that any financial aid almost certainly ended up in the pockets of those who owned the factories, not in an attempt to improve working conditions or pay. As a result, our most luxurious leather options will be immediately removed from all models and will not return until a solution is found. Luxury should not come at the expense of people or the environment.”

As a result of this major incident, Evgenis has been increasing funding in the development of high-end, man-made leathers to hopefully make a far more sustainable, cruelty-free approach to luxury. The quality of the material must be excellent and will hopefully match the softness and buttery texture of the “real” leather that has been used for many decades. Evgenis hopes that by the beginning of next year (COVID-19 pandemic allowing), a shift to entirely man-made leathers would be possible. This would significantly improve environmental sustainability and ensure that those who work on this important element of our production would be offered correct payment and working conditions as this would be done directly through Evgenis itself and not through contractors. What has been one of the most controversial, environmentally damaging and difficult elements to work with for years now could soon become the absolute opposite.

Evgenis Valkyrie ES launch still coming soon™



"Premium. Standard."

Better late than never, right? After a few delays (and the forums going down whenever I get around to posting this), the Evgenis Valkyrie ES is ready to be showcased to the world. Although the launch solely shows the sedan variant of the car, we can confirm that the ES model will be available in all variants of the car including the wagon, making it a very interested proposition as small properly fast wagons are almost impossible to come by. Take a look, we’re sure you’re going to like it!

Valkyrie ES

Performance. There is something undeniably beautiful and engaging about forcing your right foot onto the accelerator pedal and the car launching itself down the road at a pace that makes it nearly impossible for a grin not to appear. At Evgenis, we wanted to make sure the Valkyrie ES offered stellar performance in a way we haven’t achieved in this car before. We feel we’ve provided the best we can offer in all aspects to make this the ultimate performance Valkyrie.

Discover the power

Currently, we’re finding ourselves in a continuous race to seek more and more power from cars in order to shave minimal amounts of time off of acceleration figures. Evgenis has taken a different approach with the Valkyrie ES by offering it with a slightly less powerful engine than in typical rivals such as the Audi RS3 and Mercedes-AMG A/CLA45 which are pushing above 400hp in small cars. The Valkyrie features a considerably potent, 2.0-litre turbocharged engine producing 350hp, which, acommpanied by the advanced AWD system with electronic LSD, allows the car to catapult itself from 0-100 kph in a blisteringly quick 4.1 seconds* (Beam.NG tested). Although down on power vs rivals, the Valkyrie manages very similar figures thanks to clever electronics and huge amounts of optimisation to all elements that contribute to this figure, which also allows this car to achieve a very reasonable 7.4l/100km fuel consumption figure, which is significantly lower than rivals. Compared to the previous generation ES, which topped out with just 300hp in the most hardcore variant, it is nearly a whole second faster.

The car is currently only available with the 350hp engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission as sales of previous generation models indicated that this was by far the favourite choice of transmission. A lower powered variant will become available in the future (2021), and if demand dictates it, a 6-speed manual transmission may be added.

Discover the handling

Looking for what is most likely the most brutal and capable cars in the sector around the twisty bits? The Valkyrie ES has you covered, thanks to specially engineered tyres that not only helped to maximise the acceleration figures, but also allow the car to grip like no other car before in this sector around a bend. Active anti-roll bars also keep the car almost perfectly level at all times, and the multiple drive modes make sure the car is capable yet engaging regardless of driver talent. Not a professional race driver but you want to go fast? Not a problem, the Valkyrie will remain composed and stable while sticking to the road like it is on rails. Heading to a track or looking for some real fun? Switch into track mode and watch as the traction aids stop interfering from allowing you from having a good time, while also sending conisderably more power to the back wheels to help get the back end out and around the bends. Torque vectoring and an electronic LSD also help keep the car going around bends to the best of its ability.

Details and Pricing


Engine Availability 0-100 km/h Horsepower Consumption
2.0T 350 All markets 4.1 s 350 7.5l/100km


(add £1,250/€1,500/$1,000 to hatchback prices)
Engine Availability 0-100 km/h Horsepower Consumption
2.0T 350 All markets 4.1 s 350 7.4l/100km


(add £1,750/€2,250 to hatchback prices)
Engine Availability 0-100 km/h Horsepower Consumption
2.0T 350 EU only 4.2 s 350 7.6l/100km

Pricing for the Valkyrie ES starts from £43,995/54.995€/$49,995
*Optional Performance Plus Package costs £4,500/€5,500/$5,000

Orders for all variants of the Valkyrie ES can be made as of October 2019 with deliveries expected in Q1 2021 in all markets, dependent on any potential restrictions being put in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Valkyrie ES will also be the first car that will be moving away from using any real leather and where leather is used, will be showcasing our high-end man-made leather in order to support sustainability.


For further imagery of the Evgenis Valkyrie ES, please take a look here



Facelift car

2024 Valkyrie. You’re welcome!

There is no way I am coming back to this game when I can do this in 2 minutes with AI (:


The newly unveiled hatchback, a masterpiece of engineering and design, is a veritable paragon of elegance and sophistication. Sleek and spacious, with timeless curves and subtle contours, it exudes a sense of refinement and style that is unsurpassed. The interior, with its luxury materials and impeccable fit and finish, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. The hatchback’s technological prowess, including state-of-the-Art systems and advanced safety features, is the perfect balance of form and function. Simply put, this brand new hatchback is the epitome of class and sophistication in every sense of the word.

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Aint no way…

I used that headlight to vent collection on my previous gen and pre fl cars lol