Exec's retro VHS hell

Hey all!

This post is dedicated to my newly founded and slowly growing (unless the college asks for them back :upside_down_face: ) collection of ye olde VHS tapes related to the UK motoring industry.

I hope you find them interesting- first post soon!


Here is the first tape: A 1986 Austin Rover Turbocharging training tape. It’s in mint condition, and still even retains the employee fill-out sheet, to be returned to Austin Rover.

This tape has likely just been played once or twice, as it’s pretty much perfect condition. As you can see on the cover, there are two cars: an Austin MG Metro Turbo and an Austin MG Montego Turbo.

Here is a video showing the contents.


Ah yes, some contemporary literature referring to the Metro Turbo. An underrated 80s hot hatch that was somehow more than the sum of its parts (93 bhp and a 4-speed gearbox in 1982?), and still managed to stick it to competing products from better-known manufacturers.