Exported vehicles don't work in BeamNG

Hello guys.
Since the last openbeta update any car exported will not work with beamng. It loads but the engine doesn’t rev and the car doesn’t move. tried testing different drivetrain options but it was the same.
Removed all mods and the issue persists.

I couldn’t upload dxdiag or the exported car zip as I am a new user. Not sure where should I upload those :frowning:

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When choosing Vehicle config and changing just about anything or press reset the vehicle suddenly works. this is annoying since I can only do this in freeroam mode.

Probably a Beam bug one of many, but probably not Automation related. Beam sometimes just acts up, resetting before a time trial is usually a fix.

The most recent BeamNG update has broken a lot of stuff with exported cars; we are investigating this right now.