F1: Autódromo José Carlos Pace (Interlagos Circuit)

Here is the Interlagos Circuit for F1. 4.3km of Brazilian F1 goodness from São Paulo. The name will show up as Aut dromo for some reason. The LUA file must read “ó” as a special character, but I don’t remember it doing this before. Who knows. I should probably look into that one. haha

Interlagos Circuit.zip (1.63 MB)


Track in-game:

Track in Automation Track Editor:

Yey, that is great :smiley:! Thank you very much!
I’ll download it when I get home.

Programming languages often don’t recognise Brazilian accents unfortunately, the problems are with â,á,ã and so on.

Well, I was thinking I used the character in Autódromo Víctor Borrat Fabini, but I looked back at it just a bit ago and I just called it El Pinar instead. That is good to know, however. I will not do it again as it looks really odd when choosing tracks in-game. :wink: