F1 Car body

i have a forum challenge i want to post. fasted F1 car win’s, but i feel this would be better with a real f1 car body. If any 3d modeler can do this task Please let me know.

Can’t be done as open wheelers cannot be made.

A LMP1 body would be the closest.

Exists the C-ERA body, but a modern LMP1 body can be good.

Dose anyone know what 3d program could be used to make such a body. plus a 3d artist willing to do it.

3DS Max would be the program to use. As for a modeller willing to do it, I’ve heard that the forum member vmo makes some quality mods.

if you can make the body that would be great.

I can’t, but there might be a few forum member who can. Join Live Chat, and ask around.

qwebirc.afternet.org/?channels= … ame&uio=d4

If F1-ish bodies were possible, I’d have made a not-a-Lotus 7 (my favourite car) ages ago. :slight_smile: There’s already an excellent 1980’s LMP in the modpack.

The '80s body and todays LMP1 cars have very little in common, those that raced at LeMans a week ago, looks like F1 cars with fenders covering the wheels. And extra panels between the fenders and the center body.