F1: Red Bull Ring

The Austrian Gran Prix is located in the mountains near Spielberg, Styria, Austria. This track has a rocky history which include several huge changes over the years. This is the most recent version of the track measuring 4.3km (2.7 miles), called Red Bull Ring, which opened in 2011. The sweeping curves immediately after turn 1 are an excellent place to burn the carbon out of the engine, but be weary about the hairpin at the far end.

Red Bull Ring.zip (1.26 MB)

I will be revisiting this one after the rest are completed, as I am still quite unhappy with the last turn coming back into the straight. Also, I am still trying to find reliable elevation data for this track. The image in Google Earth is too blurry to even use. :frowning:

Game View:

Automation Track Editor View:

Well, the lowest part of the track is the straigth from the last corner to the finish line.
To first corner it ascends, then after the first corner it ascends slightly, then at 50% of the second straight it ascends reaaaally steep. Second corner is the highest of the whole track.
third straigt descends lightly
the third corner descends, small straight is almost flat, next corner and small straigt descends.
next 2 corners and straigt are flat, maybe a slight incline right before the second to last corner.
second to last corner is decending, straight to last corner is descending.

Elevation Gain 55 meters
Elevation Loss 55 meters
Minimum Elevation 678 meters (pretty much the finish line)
Maximum Elevation 725 meters (second corner, the sharpest one on the track)

But i can provide pictures if you want. So you can visualize the elevation changes better.

Panorama, sitting right after first corner
flickr.com/photos/petermerh … otostream/

Kimi driving first corner :wink:

No, the panoramic and text description, along with the elevation chart will do. This is actually quite helpful! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

It looks great! Does this version of the track have the elevation changes mentioned above?

more a curiosity thing then a criticism, its not a big deal to me

No, not yet.

Doesn’t bother me, im gunna DL’d it and am gunna see how poorly my cars do without inclines :-p