Factories and stock

so it is known that factories stay at low % load even if asking to build up stock in anticipation of a long build:

so I thought let’s try setting minimum factory utilization at 2.0 in the project configuration, but here’s the result:

the factory is still stuck at low utilization

118% is low? I have many of my factories running at full steam all the time and the result are constant problems with quality and increased refresh cost.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, is that factory with the longest construction time just building from scratch? Because I don’t see any production there in the pictured moment, and that’s before the construction start.

Minimum factory shifts is just how many people you have working throughout the day, if you have 2 shifts that’s fairly standard. usually you’ll have minimum set at maybe 1.8-2.0, and target at 2.0-2.2 with max being like 2.4
(this is what i’ve seen from Killrobs campaigns).

I think stock buildup just works by sticking the cars that don’t sell that month into a stockpile, and it runs at what it thinks is enough to get x months of stock by the time it finishes. So this could be maxed, or it could be just a little over normal.

yeah but the problem is I set two shift minimum but they doing 1.1, then of course stock doesn’t build up

The number in the timeline is NOT the number of shifts, but rather the factory usage in %. 118 means 2.36 shifts.