FAF Travaux De Moteur

Welcome to FAF Motor Works a company that’s make a cars from france, good quality, with reasonable price, but still have good equipment and safety technology.

FAF Motor Works Established in Nîmes, France in 1980

First making concept cars in : 1980
Starting building cars in : 1985

Established : 1980
Country : France

Current Line up :

FAF Primo 1985
FAF Chamonix 1986

(Picture Note : FAF Primo Base model version SL 1300 4-speed)

(Picture Note : FAF Chamonix SRi 2.6 EFi 2+3+2 Seats)

(Picture Note : FAF Vantrend GL 1800 EFi 1987 Limited Production)

(Picture Note : FAF Visa SR EFi 1800 Automatic)

(Note : More Model and picture Coming soon)


1985 FAF Primo SL,SGL,SRi,SGT,GTi
Standard sedan of the 80’s

We build this cars are just for you with reasonable price you can bring this cars to your house, why this cars are so special? this cars have five different model with loaded of feature and safety equipment with top of the range have abs on it, power steering are standard on all model, and what make this car is very more special? this car is rear wheels drive configuration semi trailing arm not leaf spring, many optional part you can chose in our dealer in your city also you can chose your favorit color for your car.

You can chose your favorit variant in our locar dealership, 5 variant are avaliable

SL 1300 8-VALVE 4-Speed Manual
Top Speed : 150Km/h
0-100Km/h : 14.8s
100-0 : 35.3m
400m : 18.5
Fuel Econ : 27.6 US Mpg
Engine Series : J-Series 1.3
Price : $7500

SGL 1500 12-VALVE 5-Speed CVCS
Top Speed : 165Km/h
0-100Km/h : 12.4s
100-0 : 36.1m
400m : 16.7
Fuel Econ : 24.6 US Mpg
Engine Series : L-Series 1.5
Price : $9546

SRi 1800 EFi 12-VALVE 5-Speed Manual
Top Speed : 175Km/h
0-100Km/h : 10.4s
100-0 : 37.6m
400m : 15.9
Fuel Econ : 24.6 US Mpg
Engine Series : H-Series 1.8 EFi
Price : $10768

SGT 2000 EFi 4-Speed Adv Automatic
Top Speed : 185Km/h
0-100Km/h : 9.4s
100-0 : 38.4m
400m : 15.5
Fuel Econ : 22.7 US Mpg
Engine Series : G-Series 2.0 EFi
Price : $13558 include Premium package

GTi 2000 Sport EFi 5-Speed manual
Top Speed : 195Km/h
0-100Km/h : 7.4s
100-0 : 34.1m
400m : 14.9
Fuel Econ : 21.2 US Mpg
Engine Series : G-Series 2.0 EFi GTi
Price : $14521 Include Sport Package

Price starting at and to : $7500 to $14600
Fuel Economy : 21 - 27 Mpg
Waranty : Engine : 5 years (Note : Factory Fault), Paint and Rust (Note : Still on original color) : Unlimited, Supension : 3 years (Note : Still original supension system), electrical : 10 years (Note : unmodified electrical system)

Free Service in our official workshop to first 16000 Km

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Not sure if FAF is the best acronym, or you might not get the best sales out of nations that know UK slang terms.


hahaha but first thing come out in my mind is faf, maybe from citroen faf but this cars not sale in uk yet, maybe we need joint venture to locar car company to fix name of the FAF…

The best car to faff around in. How would that not sell in the UK - well, apart from it being French?

The design is 80s boring but I love the solid engine choices. I would like to see what the cars could do in terms of speed, accelleration, fuel consumption, etc…


we can show the performance and other data of FAF Primo as fast as we can, we try to sell this car in uk, germany and other europe country, maybe in late 1985 or early 1986 we can sell it outside france

Silly brand name aside, the Primo definitely looks like a contender. Especially with all that detailed information about warranties…

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When Lada was introduced in Sweden the cars were sold under the company name, VAZ, because Lada is swedish for “barn”. There has always been fixes for things like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes you’re right

All-New medium family cars FAF Chamonix 86’s Model

We know sedan is not fit for big family, but we find new choice to make your family fit inside a car without any problem, we presented All-New FAF Chamonix, this a car for you who want your family fit inside a car without any problem because FAF chamonix is safe, advance 80’s safety system is standard in all variant ABS, All Disk Brake system and Single Airbag no need chose in option list

Many option you can chose in our local dealer in your city, 6 Variant, 12 Color, 3 transmision and 6 Variant of engine is avaliable for you

High ground clearance make this car can drive in bad or country road without any problem, Max load is 550Kg+ or max towing capacity is 2030Kg+.

This have 4 option of seat configuration, 2+4+2 Standard 8 people seat with folding row three seat, 2+2+2 Captain 6 people seat, 2+3+2 Flat rear Floor folding seat for Cargo space 5 or 7 people or 2+3+0 Standard 5 people.

Note : Variant in the picture is SRi 2.6 EFi 145Hp 4-Speed-Adv-Auto 2+3+2 Seat

More Model of this car is available in next update


Very high safety standards for the day. But again, love the 80s design. Like a marriage between an Espace and a Pontiac. So maybe more 90s than 80s, but still a great car.


Yes, I agree. In 1986, this would have made all the minivans that was on the market back then look old. Also, I agree about the safety level, on par with the Mercedes S-class. To be picky, Isofix wasn’t heard of in 1986 but then again, you may not have to be realistic all the time.

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Ok i trying to be better

Well, I am not trying to put your car down, I rather say that it would have probably turned the MPV market upside down if it arrived in 1986 and that is not a bad thing…the competition would have been in fear, even if it probably would have been expensive. The only unrealistic thing as I see it is the Isofix that still was over 10 years away in 1986 but it ain’t easy to know everything all the time. Airbags and ABS was available in that era, though we were talking Mercedes S-class territory back then.

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Ok no problem, that’s very good Opinion for me, and yes isofix are not yet available in 86’s, isofix are available in mid 90’s. so for next cars i will more be careful to put safety item or other parts list by availability year…

I realy like the Chamonix ^^
But, herm, you can’t really translate Motorworks…
If you want to be a pure perfectionist, people in France look a lot to the taxable horsepower because it defines the price of insurances and… taxes ! But it was a pain to calculate between 1978 and 1998…


Yeah Tax horsepower very affected from mid or early 70’s to late 90’s in france for car with big horsepower or capacity and making the tax very expensive, and yeah my french is quite bad i need learning alot more, because i moved to france 4 years ago so im sorry :smile:


FAF Chamonix is available with 6 trim, now you can chose in our locar dealer in your city, order now.

Trim or variant available : SE, SDT 2.0, SDT 2.3, SRE, SXZ V6, SRi
Transmision available : Advance automatic 4 speed, 5 speed manual

small update are now available in all trim.

SE 1800 EFi 5-SPEED MANUAL 103Hp
Top Speed : 172Km/h
0-100Km/h : 11.2s
100-0 : 35.4m
400m : 19.4
Fuel Econ : 25.0 US Mpg
Seat : 5/3, 5/8 People
Engine Series : N-Series 1.8 EFi
Cargo : 1250L
Price : $10200

Top Speed : 171Km/h
0-100Km/h : 14.3s
100-0 : 36.4m
400m : 18.4
Fuel Econ : 26.6 US Mpg
Seat : 2+3, 5 People
Engine Series : D-Series 2.0 EFi TURBO Low Boost
Cargo : 1400L
Price : $12000

Top Speed : 184Km/h
0-100Km/h : 11.5s
100-0 : 37.4m
400m : 18.4
Fuel Econ : 28.1 US Mpg
Seat : 2+3, 5 People
Engine Series : D-Series 2.3 EFi TURBO Low Boost
Cargo : 1030L
Price : $14200

Top Speed : 178Km/h
0-100Km/h : 11.2s
100-0 : 37.7m
400m : 17.6
Fuel Econ : 25.9 US Mpg
Seat : 2+3+2, 7 People
Engine Series : Z-Series 2.2 EFi
Cargo : 880L
Price : $15900 Premium Package

SXZ 2500 V6 EFi 5-SPEED MANUAL 125Hp
Top Speed : 185Km/h
0-100Km/h : 10.2s
100-0 : 36.5m
400m : 17.1
Fuel Econ : 24.1 US Mpg
Seat : 2+2+2, 6 People Captain seat
Engine Series : H-Series 2.5 EFi V6
Cargo : 1080L
Price : $16500 Premium Package

Top Speed : 190Km/h
0-100Km/h : 9.7s
100-0 : 37.4m
400m : 17.3
Fuel Econ : 23.4 US Mpg
Seat : 2+3+2, 7 People
Engine Series : G-Series 2.6 EFi
Cargo : 880L
Price : $17200 Premium Package Plastic Protection or Colored panel, Premium Package or Semi Standard
and 3 wheels model available

Automatic is optional, except SRi, optional part is available in all variant.


Not just a family cars, is a lot more things on it

Introduce 1987 FAF Vantrend, Vantrend is practical and realiabel family cars, design looks familiar? yes for we are cooperation with Germany automaker VC “volkscars”, but we redesign chassis and suspension to make this car run everyday without any problem, the engine is taken from FAF H-series EFi but with different configuration make this cars easy to fix and sparepart easy to find, this car has sliding door to make passanger easly get in to the car. We do not assembly this car as commerical vehicle because per month sale target is only 80+ unit.

(Note : Only Three Variant are available SL, GL and GTL)

(Picture Note : FAF Vantrend GL 1800 EFi 1987)

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New era of design, aerodynamic is the answer

Introduce all-new 1991-1997 FAF Visa, Visa is a rear wheel drive medium sedan with aerodynamic design and strong chassis construction, this car is designed just for you, why? because this car is safe, fuel consumption is low, comfortable and very stable in high speed, this car had abs and single airbag as standard, or dual airbag as option/high trim or traction control, side impact protection is standard for increase protection from side impact crash, for the fuel consumption this car are economical, compared to other medium size sedan, thanks to aerodynamic design and EFi engine, even with V6 version we can manage around 27 Us-Mpg, and this car also very comfortable and stable in any speed because very well made suspension, with 3 mode (soft,medium,Sport) you can control your suspension as you want, also for reabilty is rated high and this car are meet every regulation in europe.

(Picture Note : FAF Visa SR EFi 1800 Automatic sedan

This car available in 5 variant, 4 different engine and body style, and many option are also available

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