"Failed to delete or write to zip." message while exporting to beam.ng

Hi there,

I tried to use the beam.ng exporter but whichever car I try to export I get the message “Failed to delete or write to zip.”

Naturally I verified both automation and beam.ng files via steam, tried to launch Automation as administrator and give it all permissions imaginable. I also tried to use the UE4 safemode and UE4 no options mode, but the problem still persists. Should anybody have any idea what to do it would be greatly appreciated.

I want to drive my dated, inefficient and ugly cars so badly :slight_smile:

This is my first post so I cannot attach my dxdiag :frowning:

EDIT: Disabling the antivirus and running automation as administrator solved the problem. I use AVAST, turning off just file protection was not enough all anti virus components have to be disabled.

I guess we could use a Beam.ng exporting error thread.

I got the same error as above on my first try, but succeeded on the second, only to get this error in Beam:

Other cars worked fine (incredible good job from the two teams! We are happy to iron out the small errors with massive and enjoyable testing)!

PMI Hajimeru - Katei 1.3 Turbo injection.car (58.3 KB)

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Hey, just had the same problem and fixed it by disabling antivirus!

I am having the same problem and ive beent trying to fix it for 2 hours now… The anti virus thing didnt work and i cant even drive other peoples cars in BeamNG, someone help me please

I was referring to “Failed to delete or write to zip” error in Automation.

If you’re talking about the Fatal exception on Beamng then I fixed it by removing some mods. There was a solution on Beamng forums - remove More Engines for Covet mod which clearly did a trick for me. However, I also dropped all sound mods, cleared cache, verified all files prior to that when trying to fix the error myself.

I am also reffering to the automation error, this was just an additional error i was getting so i thought they were connected but apparently not. p.s your fix didnt work for me

I’m having the same problem with exporting, has anyone found a solution yet?

Edit: anti-virus seems to be the problem for me as well, export works fine when it’s disabled, i use AVG.