Falcon Motorsports

[size=200]Falcon Motorsports presents:[/size]
The last invention of Falcon motorsports.
Emergency is car designed specialy for police use.
This car is made from highest quality components.
Emergency is car without compromises.
Main idea of emergency is to made fastest car with high durability

Buy car: sendspace.com/file/8ftqwf
Sorry, but engine isn’t for sale, you can only buy car

Now that’s one mean looking police car! What does it look like from the back?

[size=200]Falcon motorsports presents:[/size]
Powerload is heavy duty wagon
with high power this car is perfect for hard work
good acceleration is its biggest plus
low fuel usage and high power, those words describe powerload best
buy car:sendspace.com/file/j2h2ub

Oh, btw cars will be available only for 30 days because site i use to share files lets the file be downloadable only for 30 days (can someone say another site, without limit like that)

Use the forum’s attachment system, like everybody else does.

[size=200]Behold new logo of Falcon Motorsports[/size]

Maybe i would can, but that would be so profesional :smiley: (but i think that next cars would be added like that

[size=200]Falcon MotorSports presents:[/size]
Menisto is leading japanese only model
Now its available all over the world
Buy car:Menisto.lua (98.2 KB)
Max speed:323.1 km\h
0-60 km\h: 3.20
0-100 km\h: 5.20
0-200 km\h: 11.20
Quarter mile: 12.50 216 km\h
Weight: 1213.8 kg

[size=200]Falcon MotorSports presents:[/size]
Monesto is sports car for everyone,
Our mechanics build this car thinking about those,
who that can’t afford car running on high quality fuel
This car give you max horsepower running on unleaded standard
buy car:Monesto.lua (93.4 KB)
Car data:
max speed: 350.2 km\h
0-60: 2.00
0-100: 3.30
0-200: 9.20
Weight: 1290.9 kg

[size=200]Falcon MotorSports presents:[/size]
After long waiting Falcon motorsports finally shows newest invention
Demontrator isn’t just “another car” from Falcon MotorSports
Demontrator shows the new side of Falcon motorsport designers concepts
Buy Car:Demostrator.lua (95.3 KB)
Buy engine:3.5l FP 32 Zaw. DOHC TurboRev1.lua (69.2 KB)
Car Data:
Max speed: 300km\h
0-60: 2.00
0-100: 3.70
0-200: 12.10
100km\h-0: 32.6m
weight: 1289.9 kg

[size=200]Falcon MotorSports presents:[/size]
Raptor isn’t just another car Raptor is true art.
with it’s powerful engine and high acceleration Raptor is possibly best racing car ever made by Falcon MotorSports
First ten buyers get special keyring!
Car data:
Speed: 300 km\h
Weight: 499 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km\h: 4.40

Raptor.lua (97.1 KB)
2.6l FP 16 Zaw. OHC TurboRev1.lua (69 KB)

[size=200]Falcon MotorSports Bronze League Race[/size]
Yes you heard right Falcon Motorsports organise its own racing event.
No restriction
Track: Airfield
Falcon MotorSports champion:
Falcon Racer
Lap time: 1m 24 s
Max Speed: 356 km\h
Accel. (0-100): 4.70
Main prize: 50 000$ and advance to silver league

Maybe you should make a separate thread for your event so that more peoe will know about it without having to look at your company thread. It will attract more competitors if it has it’s own dedicated thread.

Great Idea! But… where should i post it

In this case either the general or track sharing forum. I’d think carefully though, because there’s already an unrestricted leaderboard for the airfield that pleb hosts… And you’ll find the competition in the unrestricted class is extremely stiff :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, also i think that i will make official cup races and also some extra race right now. Maybe i even make track ( probably not cause i’m shitty programmer.)

Try out ElSaico’s custom track maker, it’s extremely user friendly.

I already made track, i’m only have problem with making proper background.

Oh right, I’m also terrible with designing things like that. I’m sure someone on the forum would be happy to help you :slight_smile:.