Family market sales

Having a problem with this market. The car design is designed to appeal to this market, it has an affordability of over 70%, and a competitiveness of about 500, but they don’t buy it. The premium market buys it, but the normal family don’t. It’s not that they don’t buy as many as I expect, it’s that they don’t buy a single car. Not one. I have a surplus in stock, so it’s not as though the premiums buy all the stock.

How can I get into this market?



70% affordability means 70% of the demographic CAN afford it, but if they can get a car that suits their needs for less…

(An opinion, not a fact)

Is it 70% affordable to the family market, or is that for premium family?

Family market. Premium family is about 90+.

That sounds iffy, you’d think it would be very successful.


Yes, that’s what I thought. I always build my 1st car specifically for the family market (latest one was for Gasmea and Hetvesia 1946.) 1940 small sedan, inline 4 cylinder 1.1 litre. Fairly basic car, except best safety. Level 4 dealership in both countries, level 1 advertising campaign in 1 category in each country. Not a single car is sold on the family market.

I’ve previously tried 6cylinder 1.6 litre on 1946 sedan. same result. So this big car doesn’t sell on the targeted market, and neither does the small car previously described. The high end market (various categories, including the inevitable muscle car), buy them, but not the family market. They won’t even look at them.

So what am I doing wrong?

I guess with it being 1946, it needs to be a tiny car for a family. The FIAT 500 was a late 50s family car and it was only 500cc.

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That may be the case, but if that is so, the competitiveness needs to reflect that. After all, the 1940 small sedan is the smallest model available in 1946. The whole car (as designed above) weighs in at under 700 kgs. A 1 litre engine on that body often gets the ‘under-powered’ note.

I have no clue why that’s not working.

I just made a '46 car that’s:

107 desirability
57.8% affordability
0.7l I-3 engine that’s underpowered
higher market value as a utility premium but is sold as family
selling by the bucketload at 20% markup.

It’s made with a lvl 2 factory for engine and car, base lvl 2 dealership and I know nothing about advertising.

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But WHO is buying it? My car sells (for quite a while), but I eventually get a surplus. It’s a bit hard to get into the family market when I don’t know why they aren’t buying. I’m using level 1 medium factories, and I always forget to put in a markup, lol.

It’s targeted at family, so I assume family.

You have to go to the markets screen (2nd? from left on the main campaign screen) and click on the sales button (bottom right). That will tell you how many cars you have sold to each market, and what market share you have. For family (not budget or premium), mine is ALWAYS 0 sales, 0 % market share.

It was 975 100.00% on there for family.

Well that has me baffled.

If you have a savegame of that happening then please hare that here, you find your savegames in:
\Documents\My Games\Automation\Campaign

just zip up the relevant save and attach it here, that should make it small enough.

Gotham Motor (504.0 KB)

This is the latest autosave from 1952. I do have some mods installed (fittings only, nothing that affects the performance of the car). Not sure if any of them are actually on the car though.

Has anyone had a look at the save? Am I doing something wrong?

You’ll want to upload a .car file, not a .db file.

I just did what Killrob asked for. I assumed that would enable him to see how the campaign was treating the car.