Fast for four (Open for subs!)

Since there has been no rules discussion for the last hours, and since the deadline for the deliberation has passed, I declare this challenge open for submissions now!


'80 KMA K650 V12 5.0

A fast, luxurious, and imposing grand tourer with an all-alloy V12 and 4 full-sized seats, yours for just $33k AMU.

Its luxurious interior comes standard with the most advanced safety gear and in-car entertainment of the '80s, including a cassette tape player.

Nothing else with four seats and a big boot can make you feel like you’re the king of the road - so what are you waiting for?



From your friends at Van Zandt, presenting the ZR300. All new for 1980! Forget the malaise era - it’s way in the past! Sporting super futuristic styling and tech and replete with driver-elevating accessories, this is the final word in driving experience.

Put the 5.4 liter V8 to the test to discover each and every digit of the 300 horsepower powerplant! Welcome the second glances and double-takes because you’ll be catching attention no matter. Admit it, you can’t take your eyes off it either! Now, get in and drive.


Are we supposed to upload the entry here as a showcase post or can we enter via DM? Or both?

DM is the usual way to go for challenges.

Introducing the Enigma, from Axxus.

A tailor made 4 seat coupe for the tailor made you.

Drive one and experience it for yourself


How important are rear seat comfort?

Is Olivier looking for a true 2+2 GT or a full 4-seater coupe sedan (except with 2 doors)? Because on the OP it only mentions “with room for four if that should be needed”.

It is said in the rules that +2 seating is allowed. I will probably throw in some modifyer that won’t punish safety and comfort as high as the game does (but still to some extent) for +2 seats.


Yep I saw that, but I will assume Olivier will somewhat be regularly carrying passengers so the seats in the back will be used often then?

I have a question about the styling since realism is emphasized.

Olivier is looking for a car in 1980 to replace his 5 year-old Benz. So I assume the car is either already being produced for months maybe a year or two, or has made a debut in some auto show accepting DPs and delivery within couple months at most.

Am I correct to assume this means the STYLING of the car would be in the late 70s and early 80s? And not so much late 80s due to realism and by his purchasing standards he’d want another car by 1985 I’m guessing. And not so much mid 70s since why would he buy a car of a similar year and features (but I’m not Monaco rich so maybe buying a new car every year is a thing).

Yes, since this round is set in 1980, it might be good to not be TOO futuristic since after all, quite a lot happened to automobile styling during the 80s (maybe more than during the 70s). Of course, some of the inspiration cars I posted are very futuristic for its era (like the Porsche 928), others had already been along in one form or another for some years (like the Aston Martin). So, something that could have been around in 1980 is what to aim for, does not mean that the car has to look like if it was released that exact year, older is of course OK, but keep in mind that you may be taking some risks with making something that looks too dated. On the other hand, cars that have been too ahead of their time has sometimes been flops too. Maybe not as much in this segment as when it comes to more regular family cars, but still. I guess the 928 could be kind of a benchmark, that does not look like a late 70s design, but it actually is, something even more futuristic would be out of the scope it feels like.

But age isn’t everything, if I get one entry that looks like if it could have been released in 1970 and is warmed over an on its last legs, but well designed and good looking, and another one that looks top modern for 1980 but is slapped together and lacks soul in its design, I know which one that vill have the advantage.


What happens when a Hetvesian Coachbuilder takes a V8 from a Fruinian Sportscar maker and shoehorns it between the fenders of a newly reskinned platform? You get the Hammardiin Farvarg V8 3.3.


1980 Angus Villeray R/T

Bringing a bazooka to a fencing match since 1949

With the explosion of Grand Tourers in Europe, Angus Automobile wanted to expand it’s brand outside of North America and decided to try to tap that market by transforming it’s muscle car platform to a “Grand Tourer”.

The Villeray was born. Basically following the usual american muscle car recipe, every single component of the car was of the highest possible quality - it was still going to be build on the current ladder platform, still would feature a rear solid axle, and a pushrod 350 XFire producing over 300hp, but it would do it with class!

A looker for sure, it hopefully will turn a few heads on the promenade. It’s 2 full seat (*definition of full may vary) at the rear and large trunk make this a practical car for your long scenic roadtrips and the 5/4-speed manual transmission with overdrive should hopefully help keep the fuel stops in check.

The R/T (Road and Touring) edition adds large 16 inch mags, more comfortable tyres with a slight stagger for better high speed control, a more luxurious interior, larger brakes, an improved engine with aluminum head and the new XFire Twin Injection system, improved aero, a new hood and better cooling, and tuned suspension.

All in all, this beast reaches 168mph and gets to 60 in under 6 seconds with better handling than you would expect but still not that great.

Don’t wait up, Buy America Today!


I have another question that might be too specific so up to you if you could disclose the answer. Couldnt hurt to ask so…

Im experimenting with engine configuration, and I think I’ve settled for one that gives realistic numbers to the car, albeit slightly faster than I wanted. Thing is I couldn’t find a real world counterpart for the era. The closest thing is a 40s/50s version which existed so its not futuristic tech, and one made in 1988 but is very much crazier than mine (twice larger displacement and all the turbo in the world compared to mine)

Would the engine configuration choice be a consideration for docking points in the realism department because no one made it in the late 70s early 80s even though it gives realistic number to the car overall?

As long as it is not a V16 (I don’t have the DLC), I THINK it should not be a problem (from the rather vague info you gave me).


Alrighty thanks. Sorry I purposefully kept it vague not wanting to spill my formula. Its not a V16 so im safe.

Meet the Alter Cosmos. 3.1 litres of twin turbocharged v10 glory. This

GT with the soul of a fighter jet jettisons you and 3 of your bravest friends to 100kph in 4.2 seconds. with such stunning features as ABS so you don’t die, and 450NM of torque so you might anyway, The cosmos has everything you could ever want

A luxury 8 track player and 4 full size seats ensure cloud like comfort at 200kph

A GT car is not about raw performance, it’s about heart and soul. the cosmos has both in spades. Drive well, king.|attachment (128.3 KB)
(WHOOPS, THE ONE IN THE PICS HAS US PLATES. the lowest file has an EU plate instead in case that’s a massive problem)
FFF_-cheddar-alter_cosmos_(eu).car|attachment (128.8 KB)

1980 Hamfa Hengst 3200 GT

The follow up of the classic 60s Hengst 3200, released in 1978 as a 3 door fastback and with a modernised, DOHC, fuel injected 3.2l V6.



Does no negative techpool mean nothing less than 5? don’t think you could go negative could you?

You actually can go negative. I think as long as you’re over 0 you’re fine.