Fastest car you can think of

what is the fastest car you can think or know of?

Not quite sure what you mean?

Under which parameters?

0-60mph? 0-100mph? Quarter Mile? Top speed?

I mean top speed

330 mph yeah!!!

I want one of these for real!! I loved that show when I was a kid!!!

Hmm, that thing looks more like 330 m/s.

I call your 763mph* and raise you 1000mph:

*not sure where you got 330 from, i cant think of any units where the car went 330 of them

While i remember, this is well worth watching. Ironically the program is a bit slow, but still worth watching

Does this count?
About 28000 Km/h top speed.
17500-ish mph.

oops, didnt see the whole image. I keep forgetting that they use the stupid scrolley box for images here if you upload them here rather than rehost and use tags. i would still beat you if i could be bothered to put wheels on this 87,000mph monster (although we both would have problems with air resistance and, in my case, a lack of gravity assists) … 76252.html

I can think of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport right off the top of my head, don’t remember it’s top speed.