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Fastest pikes peak time

I hereby set a relatively small challenge, make your car go faster than mine around full Pikes Peak. Time is 7:48.650, good luck. (evidence will be sent along this on the discord server chat)
Lap time made by Dodeusz#5948

If you beat that time, dm it to me (crusader#3233)

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This should be changed so that people should send evidence through the Forum DMs

I don’t know how to, if you could tell me I will change it

This right here is the edit button

That would involve clicking on your user name, and then clicking on the message button in your profile tab - but I suspect you are too new to these forums to send or receive DMs. However, once you become a regular user, you will be granted both of those privileges on these forums. That might explain why you also want to accept submissions via Discord.

is this the gravel or the tarmac version of Pikes Peak?


Current record holder with a time of just over 5:52, this run was made in 4.18. Car is up on the beam repository if anyone wants to take a drive. I’ve been told it drives badly with a wheel, so keep that in mind. Record lap was done with keyboard and copius amounts of practice.

Repo link (i go a bit more into details about the car in the post, if you’re interested):


do you know who made this car?

I did.

May I ask… HOW?

1250hp nearly 8000kg of downforce and a weight of 860kg :innocent:

quality sliders and a stroke of genius I assume?

spamming +15 ofc, the tricky part to get right is the aero which took a long time to nail… engine, gearing and suspension are fairly simple parts in comparison IMO

yeah, I made a car with around 1400 pounds of DF in beam and the poor thing cant even move an inch without scraping along the ground. I’m guessing I have some suspension tuning to do.

that’s another part of it, making sure the car doesn’t scrub… ride height (both the setting and what the body will allow), springs, even tire size… with enough fine tuning you can get ridiculously high downforce without scraping so much, but as you can see in the video the top speed is not that great anyway, only around 185mph for a car with 1200+hp… you just need to sort of gauge what you need most, top speed vs downforce. in my case going crazy with downforce helped a lot more for the laptimes.

welp, i’ll get to work then, hopefully this one’s turbo doesnt explode :wink:

I did 6:40.709. That still not perfect running and use with controller.